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Why You Should Choose LED Par Light



The lighting fixture is a sheet or aluminum container that houses a light source, a mirror reflector to recover the rays that it sends backward and a more or less sophisticated lens system for the control and concentration of lighting. As we all know, lights are necessary for a stage that the presence of different colors creates a colorful and fancy world. Due to the gorgeous stage lighting as a backdrop, the stage becomes fascinating. 

Among all the lighting equipment on the market, led par light appears much more accessible for the lighting designers. While ordinary Par is more traditional, its lighting effect is not as good as LED par light. Therefore, LED par light is used for stages and many significant events to bring a varied and robust shade effect.

What is LED par light?

The classic name PAR calls the LED spotlights, but the name Par comes from the old Par-Can. Introduced in the 70s, they had a great impact both in the theater and other indoor occasions. They are very simple devices without any other lens or adjustment apparatus. Besides, they primarily adopt a sealed PAR lamp in a container similar to the headlight of a car with a front lens and a reflector on the rear side. 

How does it work?

As there is no lens, it is not possible to focus or dimension the light beam. The edges of the emitted light beam are soft, and the center is very bright, dense, and particularly concentrated. The shape of the beam is somewhat oval, but this oval can be directed at will by simply turning the lamp. The beam opening angle is fixed and depends on the pre-packaged lamp. At the front, there is a system of concentric-ring blades that prevents light from spreading once it has exited the appliance and therefore allows the emission of a light beam with almost parallel edges. The beam lights can be used in a battery, side by side, to create walls of light of significant dramatic impact.

What’re the benefits?

On the market, there are various pre-set angles, and they are replaced in the same appliance according to requirements. The most common unit in the theater is the 1000 W unit for the Par 64 models, but now it has been replaced by the much more versatile LED par headlight. The headlights are much-used fixtures for their low cost, ease of transport, assembly and adjustment, and most importantly, for the density of the light emitted. In addition, they are excellent for projecting darker colors with filters so that absorb a lot of light.


There are a variety of led lights on the market, and one such an example is YY-P1818W from ERALighting. It is an outdoor IP 65 super-slim Par LED, designed to be a robust wash-light for any temporary outdoor events. The ultra-thin design and the absence of fans make this product a big innovation comparing to the traditional Parcans, offering higher versatility, easy setup, and reduced carrying volume. It features amber LEDs, which helps produce any variation of white and stunning saturated colors for an expansive palette devoid of multi-colored shadows. Besides, a split-yoke bracket eliminates the need for floor stands. ERALighting serves as a one-stop-shop for all your lighting needs, with expert workers and professional oversea sales for years. It is a professional and innovative design and production of LED moving head light, led zoom light, outdoor stage light, and related interior led light fixtures for all events, conventions, seminars, meetings, corporate productions, and presentations. Hence, to show the best lighting effect, ERALighting would be your top pick.

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