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5 Qualities Of a Professional Cosmetic Testing Laboratory



Identifying an excellent cosmetic testing lab could very overwhelming and nerve-racking because everyone you come across would claim to be the best. What makes a unique cosmetic testing lab?

Even some cosmetic companies don’t have any idea of the testing process of a cosmetic testing facility, which is quite sad. Locating a reputable testing lab is very hard and full of stress. Still, in this post, I’ll provide five simple qualities you can use to identify a great cosmetic testing lab.

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  1.  Turnaround Time – When choosing a testing lab, their turnaround time should be one of the attributes you should look out for. Well organized and structured testing labs usually provide results from their experiments pretty fast as they typically have more than enough space, resources, and staff. Any testing lab that takes more than two weeks waiting period to initiate a particular test for a cosmetic product should raise an eyebrow.
  •  Organizational Focus – The testing lab must be well organized in their testing processes to aid easy testing results devoid of product mix-up, invalid result, and contamination. This ensures testing results are error-free and more concise.
  •  Understanding of Microbiology – While it may seem a cosmetic testing laboratory doesn’t have to have a clear understanding of microbiology, it’s essential. It’s not enough for a testing laboratory to train their technicians on how to conduct the tests alone because research on the latest information about the subject field is very crucial to ensuring the staff is heavily engaged, informed, and enlighten about the newest information about the subject matter.
  •  Understanding of Chemistry – Chemistry is another field that could be helpful to the overall status of the company if the laboratory staffs have a basic knowledge of it because when the teams understand chemistry perfect, it’s an advantage as they can quickly provide suggestions and adjustments to endure the stability of a product since they actually understand how the chemicals and other elements in the product reacts.
  •  Understanding of FDA Regulations – A proper cosmetic testing must have a clear understanding of the regulations set by the Federal Drug Administration. This cannot be overemphasized because if the lab does comply with regulations like the level of microbes that are acceptable in a particular product, then it puts the lives of people that would use the product at risk. 


With these five qualities, identifying an excellent cosmetic company that is reputable, carryout useful laboratory tests without undermining the results would be easy to do.

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They have a professional technical team, a quality control system, and a laboratory equipment that are second to none.

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