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What to Buy for a Home Theater Room



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Learn what items you should have in your home theater and the types of equipment others are buying.

There’s more to home theater equipment than just the television. You have to think about surround sound, your connections, subwoofers, etc. So, before you go out and purchase anything, you need to review what other people are buying to help you with your choices.

While cables may not be the glamorous part of a home theater system, they may be the most important. You can make your TV experience unique with tv aerial installation and converting your home theater into a TV room as well. If your system is not set up right, you either will not get a good picture or your sound will suck. So, it’s definitely something that you need to think about. Similarly, if you are buying a screen for CCTV installation then you need to choose the size accordingly.

One of the most popular sets of cables comes from Bell’O. Mainly known for their home theater furniture, they also make some great cables for connectivity. The ones that you are looking for are the 7000 series ($60.00 to $250.00 online), which includes digital optic cables, HDMI audio, and video cables, stereo audio cables, subwoofer wire, and speaker wire. What sets the Bell’O cables apart is that they are made from a patent-pending 99.99 percent oxygen-free copper that resists corrosion and is made for great connectivity.

For optimal connectivity, the set comes with 24K gold connectors and copper wire within each cable. Recently, Bell’O released some HDMI cables that come equipped with right-angle adapters. Bell’O cables not only ensure quality, but longevity as well.

Not Just Another Remote Control

While most people think that the last thing that they need is another remote control, the Control4 Home Controller HC-200 should be on your list to buy. And, many others have already bought this system and enjoyed the automation that it provides. Why do you need this new control? Well, it assists with the automation process for your home theater. It provides complete control for smaller systems or can be used as a secondary controller if your system is larger.

The HC-200 can easily replace your universal remote. It’s easy to use and assists you in streamlining your home theater system. With this controller, you can set the temperature and turn on the alarm, lights or music. Plus, it’s pretty affordable at $500.00.

Stay tuned to the next part in the series to learn more about others are buying for their home theater systems.


There are plenty of glam things that you always remember when you’re putting together your home theater system. But, few people consider shelving. On the wall furniture, in connection with the TV wall mounts, can be enough for the average home theater system. These systems are very easy to install. The VF5023 (approximately $470.00 online) is one of these setups that can hold up to 75 pounds per shelf, and it comes with three shelves in either black glass or mocha-colored wood grain. There’s space behind the shelving that can hide cables and other items.

Panamax MB100

At this point, you’ve probably bought quite a bit of equipment; now, it’s time to protect it. The Panamax MB100 (approximately $730.00 online) gives you a continuous power supply and power conditioner that includes battery backup, power protection, voltage regulation, and line noise filtration for your audio/visual equipment. The MB100 will give you limited power during blackouts to prevent you from having to go through long restart sequences. And, it will shut down if those blackouts run longer than expected but will do it in a way that won’t hurt your equipment. Plus, it also has a feature to cool down your lamps so that they don’t overheat.


While you may not think of it, you should invest in either a personal video recorder or a digital video recorder. This is a way to record your favorite show or movie onto a hard drive so that you can view it later. Many people know of TiVo, Replay TV may actually work better in your home theater system. It has an easy to use interface, comes with an ergonomic RTV remote control and has the ability to skip commercials with the Commercial Advance feature. The Commercial Advance feature is no longer available on newer models, but it can be found on older models, which are just as good as the newer models, for around $200 online. Another issue is that you may have to buy a subscription to use Replay TV.

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