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Surrogacy in Ukraine: Legislation, Surrogate mother cost, Programs



Ukraine for many years is a point of aspiration for childless couples interested in effective reproductive technologies. From 1983 reproductive technologies in the country have been developing rapidly based on the achievements of leading clinics around the world. In 1992, the Association of reproductive scientists of Ukraine was founded, in 1995 the first surrogate mother in Ukraine carried and gave birth to a baby for a married couple. In 2000, Ukraine already has authority among the participants of international conferences, and in 2017 after implementing mitochondrial replacement program, the country by ART level is no inferior to the largest reproductive clinics of the United States.

 Even at the stage of introduction of the first ART, the country in every possible way encouraged the development of reproductive medicine: a legislative base protecting the interests of biological parents was created, legitimizing the work of surrogate mothers and donors of egg cells. Due to the elaboration of civil and family legislation in Ukraine, the possibility of a surrogate mother to leave the baby to herself is excluded, she is obliged to give it to biological parents. At the same time, the surrogate mother is entitled to receive payment for her services, and biological parents are obliged to pay and take the baby.

 One of the main factors in the choice of childless couples of Ukraine is the attractive price of a surrogate mother. If you compare rates, you can see the priority of Ukrainian surrogacy even over non-commercial, widespread surrogacy in Canada, the UK and some other countries. The point is that the benefits of zero payment to a surrogate mother are offset by expensive medical, legal, and other services (for example, mediation services, if a surrogate mother is provided by a clinic or agency). 

And if you also consider that their programs have no guarantee (in case of unsuccessful IVF or termination of pregnancy the whole cycle is paid again), the total amount can exceed 100 thousand dollars without guarantee of birth of a child. The same situation occurs in the US, where only the cost of surrogacy services is close to $50,000. In Ukraine, at the Feskov Human Reproduction Group it equals the cost of the entire program, including medical, legal, guest services, as well as surrogate mother’s fee.

 It should be noted that the clinic operates under the conditions of guaranteed programs. This means that at a cost of about 50 thousand dollars childless couples are guaranteed the birth of a healthy child. In case of unsuccessful IVF or termination of pregnancy, the whole cycle of procedures begins again without additional payments. The number of repeat procedures is unlimited: the couple pays a fixed amount once and receives a healthy child. 

At the professor Feskov’s Human Reproduction Center, there are reproductive programs not only for married couples but also for single people, as well as the services of remote surrogacy with no need for future parents to leave the country of their residence. Each service is described in detail on the clinic’s website, and the additional information you can get in the online chat with a manager.

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