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Top 4 Reasons for Fragrance Bottles as a Marketing Tool for Your Brand



Fragrance Bottles

There is an old saying that goes in the French perfume industry, “fragrance bottles with the sophisticated design are the best salesmen for perfume.” A similar viewpoint is backed up by Gabrielle Chanel, a great fashion designer and the founder of brand Chanel, stating that no container can contain as many feelings and memories as perfume bottles.           

In the early twentieth century, after the revolution in the design of fragrance bottles launched by French perfume master Cody, people start to realize the importance of perfume bottle design. Still, some critics hold that it’s the fragrances that matter rather than the bottle that contains them. The scent, as a matter of fact, should be put in the priority. But as the carrier of perfume, fragrance bottles exert a great influence on brand promotion. 

In recent years, a mounting number of famous perfume-making companies have increased the budget of perfume bottles. The design cost of perfume packaging has now reached 20% to 30% of the total cost of the product itself. The money spent on this respect has, not surprisingly, paid off. One of the most significant rewards is the rise in perfume sales, as well as the invisible improvement in brand image. Therefore, major fragrances brands have been employing perfume bottle design as an important marketing tool.       

In this article, we will cover the top 4 reasons behind this.

Firstly, fragrance, as has been mentioned above, is the core of a perfume product. However, it is rather hard to reveal the scent since it is all covered by its container. How to stand out among numerous fragrance products and lead customers to open the bottle? Clothes make the man, and perfume also depends on the packaging to attract the first eye. An attractive appearance of the product displayed on the counter is the most effective way to do that. Therefore, eye-catching and fabulously designed fragrance bottles are the key determiner to capture customers’ attention.    

Secondly, good perfume packaging contributes to attracting the target audience accurately. For example, masculine refinement bottles will be easier picked up by men, while mellow exquisite bottles are favored by ladies. If you want to tell your customers that your perfume is with some kind of flower odor, all you need to do is to print the petal shape on the packaging. Naturally, this perfume bottle can easily catch the eyes of the customers who are fond of this floral fragrance.

Furthermore, with the expansion of your company, the style of your brand will be naturally formed. Your perfume bottles will your name card and brand image that customers could quickly distinguish you from the crowded perfume brands. Therefore, the unique and characteristic style is of great importance. Designing your fragrance bottles in the right way conduces to deliver your brand style to a higher level. A fragrance bottle with elegant design also helps to build brand awareness, brand identity, and attract new customers.

The truth is that perfume packaging speaks for the perfume itself. A well-designed fragrance bottle is capable of sharing the same style as what is in it. That is to say, if the odor is rather flat and fresh, the last thing you should do is to employ a perfume packaging with dark color and clumsy appearance. The perfume packaging design matches with the fragrance inside can make the whole product more harmonious. The customers may be deeply impressed on both bottle and scent, so as to realize customer retention.

The perfume bottle is the first step for customers to understand well what the perfume to hint. That comes as no surprise that the design of fragrance glass bottles can be utilized as a marketing tool for brand promotion. Besides, the benefits brought by perfume packaging are far beyond your imagination. Therefore, taking advantage of fragrance bottle design as well as working together with perfume packaging design experts are crucial.

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