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5 Ways to Help Employees Learn New Technology




In this modern era of technology, it is vital to adapt to the latest technological advancements in order to ensure business success. On the other hand, implementing new technology or tech tool in the company can be a huge HR challenge. You have to organize the time and arrange materials for proper employee training. You also need to make sure everyone in the company gets the proper training.

From the employees’ end, it is also a difficult task as they have to manage between the working hours for the training. This might hurt their work performance and also it may result in inefficient training. So you need to manage properly to ensure a smooth adoption process.

Here are the 5 best ways to help employees learn new technology.

1. Offer Incentives For The Technology Use

You can hire new employees who are already well aware of new technologies and for your existing employees, you can offer them training sessions to keep your employees’  upgraded with the job requirements. If you are giving your employees these opportunities they can learn new skills that can lead them to a promotion of their post or even increase in salary. Every company always appreciate their employees and rewarded them. It is great if you award employees with an increase in every new skill.

2. Break It Up Into Small Steps

It takes time for the less tech-savvy employees to learn new technology. Some of the employees quickly learn new tech while others spend a lot of time in learning. So you need to allocate the resources for the less tech-savvy employees so that they can properly learn the new tools. For this purpose, you can break the training process into small steps.

3. Host Hackathon Sessions

Organizing learning sessions like the Corporate Hackathon is a fantastic way to build connections across a team while simultaneously learning something new. You can invite experts related to your technological upgrade and help your employees to adopt the new technological atmosphere.

4. Provide Training And Mentoring

Firstly, You should include comprehensive training during onboarding to introduce new hires to the company’s technology and how it functions in a work context. Secondly, you need to encourage experienced employees to help new or struggling employees who require additional instruction. This will pace up the adoption process and help employees to interact with each other.

5. Help Employees See The Value For Themselves And The Company

Introducing technology in the company means change. In order to successfully adopt the change, share with employees why the technology is being implemented, and how it will benefit the employee in doing their job and enhancing their skills. You need to tell them how they can contribute to the change, and what the identified ROI is post-implementation. By doing this your employees will feel valued and have greater buy-in for future changes.

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