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Spring Clean Your Craft Workspace and Supplies




Give your craft workspace and supplies an occasional spring-clean. This will help to keep your crafting supplies in tip-top condition and ensure that your crafting supplies and workspace will benefit from a regular spring-clean. Take the opportunity to sort out your crafting supplies and equipment as well as give everything a good clean ready for summer crafting sessions. This is equally good for the end of tenancy cleaning London.

After a time, even the most organized crafter will find that their work area and supplies will benefit from a clean and sort out. Residual from previous crafting sessions can build upon work surfaces and tools, and this can result in less than perfect results. Items such as glue, glitter, and small pieces of self-adhesive tape can get attached to other items or equipment and attract further dirt and dust.

Spring-Clean and Destash

Spring is a great time to undertake a cleaning session. With longer and lighter days you can see bits of dirt and grime that might otherwise remain unseen. This is also a good time to go through your supplies and reduce your crafting stash, removing things you are unlikely to use. There are many ways to dispose of your unwanted crafting supplies. Swapping or selling them are two easy ways to reduce your stash. Many good causes and charities are also delighted to receive donations for crafting supplies.

Tips for Cleaning Your Craft Workspace and Supplies

Your crafting spring-clean and sort out should include the following:

  • Clean your work area – this will help to remove any residuals from previous crafting projects. This will give you a clean surface to work and ensure that you do not contaminate future projects. Also, clean craft mats, cutting mats, trays and other work surfaces.
  • Sort out supplies – take a good look at your craft supplies. Take advantage of your spring cleaning session to throw away any old craft supplies or materials that are no longer in a usable condition. This includes dried up glue sticks, empty pens, and other items that clutter up a workbox.
  • Overhaul storage – when you are spring cleaning your supplies this is also a good time to overhaul your storage system. Take a few minutes to label storage boxes, to ensure that similar items are stored together and that things are easy to find.
  • Check equipment – items such as craft scissors can get deposits of glue to build upon them. This will stop the scissors from making a clean cut and will attract further dirt. Give craft scissors, punches, craft knives, and other frequently used items a clean to make sure they are in good condition ready for your next project.

Giving your craft workspace and supplies a spring clean will ensure that you are ready for your next major crafting session.

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