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Kratom for Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs




A solopreneur is a person who starts a business without any intention of adding any type of staff. An entrepreneur is a professional who starts a business with the idea of growing it into a company. Both of these types of people are driven by success, but in different ways. One thing that both entrepreneurs and solopreneurs have in common is a need to focus on the tasks at hand in order to grow their business to where they want it to be.

As a solopreneur or entrepreneur there can be days where it is difficult to find the drive that is needed in order to accomplish the things that need to be done. This is one of the reasons that many of these individuals look for alternative ways to help them stay focused and energized. One of the natural remedies that many entrepreneurs and solopreneurs are beginning to use is kratom. Kratom for entrepreneurs and solopreneurs a smart move? Read on.

Kratom offers a legal high and is currently very popular on the internet. It comes from a plant that is a part of the coffee family and has been used for hundreds of years in order to improve performance and endurance. It is also used to help relieve pain and improve a person’s mood.

Is Kratom useful? Kratom appeals to a large range of potential users from students to business executives who want to improve their performance to other recreational users who are just interested in trying a drug that can provide them with a “legal” high.

Kratom Use for Energy

Kratom contains alkaloids that will interact with reactors in the cells of the body. These alkaloids cause a reaction with the nervous system that can lead to certain effects including stimulation. Where an anti-depressant will slow the body and mind kratom works by bringing clarity, energy, power, and focus to the mind and body.

This mental awareness that is provided by using kratom can be extremely beneficial to entrepreneurs and solopreneurs as it can help them focus on their business more clearly. Using kratom can help provide the motivation that is needed in order to get their business off the ground.

Kratom Dosage

One of the most important aspects of using kratom is getting the right dosage. This is especially important for those who wish to use the herb as a stimulant. Many people using kratom for the first time think that more is better, but in the case of kratom this is not always true. For those who want the energizing effects of super indo kratom, a lower dose is actually recommended. Those who take higher doses will find that the herb will cause a more sedative effect, which is not what a person in business needs.

If you are looking for the best way to stay motivated as a business person, try three to five grams of kratom to start. If you take more than five grams you will likely feel calmer, which can be enjoyable, but is not what you need if you have a day that requires more energy.

Overall, kratom can be a very useful supplement for both entrepreneurs and solopreneurs who are looking for a burst of energy to get through their busy schedules. Kratom should not be used daily as it can become addictive when taken on a regular basis. However, when used in moderation kratom can be just what you need as a pick me up to help you run your business in the way that it needs to be run.

Nutritional Supplement or Drug to get you High?

The studies on how kratom works are relatively vague and if you do a quick search you will find reports from different people stating different things about how the supplement makes them feel. For the most part, people who use kratom report that they feel more focused and energized when they first begin using kratom. The reason for this initial feeling of focused energy is because the active agents of kratom work on the adrenergic receptors of the brain. Essentially, kratom makes your brain enter the fight or flight mode.

The feelings gained from using kratom are typically not extreme. It is more like drinking a very strong cup of coffee except without the side effects of using caffeine.

In addition to feeling more alert and energized, kratom can also provide you with a general sense of well-being. Kratom can be a great way to help you relax and feel content.

Using Kratom at the Office

For business executives who are considering using kratom for an extra energy boost it is important to note that there are different types of kratom available. If you want to truly be able to focus and get things done you will want to make sure that you use a strain of kratom that is highly stimulating. These are typically the green or white strains of the herb. If you are facing a long day at work, one of these strains will help get you through.

If you have had a long day at the office and you simply want to make sure that you can relax and get a good night’s sleep, a red strain of kratom should be used. These strains have more sedative qualities and can help you relax so that you feel better the following day.

If you are planning to purchase kratom powder to improve your productivity it is a good idea to try it out on the weekend first. You should always start with the lowest recommended dosage to see how it makes you feel. Trying kratom out on the weekend is ideal because you can relax at home under the influence of the herb and make sure that you will be able to handle the stimulant while you are in the office surrounded by your co-workers.

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