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One of the Best Marketing Tools: Writing a Book



writing a book

If you want to set yourself apart from the competition and let the world know that you are noteworthy authority, someone they can go to for comprehensive solutions. If you want to start a business and start selling just because you are an expert in your field then write a book.

Most of the clever businessmen do this. They write a book and establish their authority in the market.

Here are some of the marketing benefits of writing a book.

Gain Credibility

If writing a book on an area of your expertise then basically you announce to the world that you have attained an uncommon level of knowledge about your topic. This gives you an unparalleled credibility among your competitors.

More Clients

When you have established credibility then it is easier for people to trust you and you get more clients, customers, and leads.

Leader in Industry

When you write a book then you establish yourself as a leader in the industry who has more knowledge and expertise than competitors.

Paid Speaking/Consulting Contracts

Establishing yourself as an authority in the industry opens many other ways for you to make money. People will invite you to speak at the seminars. You will be even approached for consulting contracts.

Position for the Future

Once you have established yourself as a credible person in the industry, now it is time to move forward and take the next big step. You can launch a new product or business. Having already achieved credibility your new business will skyrocket the sales.

Establish your Personal brand

Writing an outstanding book gives a huge opportunity to become a brand yourself. You can treat yourself as a brand and leverage this to other businesses.

Where to Start?

There are huge benefits to writing and publishing a book. If you are a business owner then this can be a huge opportunity for you to get an edge over your competitors. If you don’t know where to start then publish a book through a company like Manhattan Book Group to gain credibility, exposure, and sales as a result.

All you need is to send them a book proposal. If you don’t know about the book proposal then here are the basic parts:

1. The Overview. In this part, you showcase what you want to write, who will buy it and why.

2. Your Bio. In this section, you prove that you are a subject matter expert who will zealously promote your own book.

3. The Chapter Summary. Here you put all the information about the chapters.

4. The Competitive Analysis. You have to mention similar books selling in the market. What is the opportunity for you?

5. The Marketing Plan.  What is your unique selling point and what is your plan to promote your book?

You should also attach at least a chapter to show them that you are a good enough writer.

After writing a perfect proposal the publishing company will guide you through the process and your book will be soon in the market to establish your authority in the industry.

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