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Seven Reasons AP Automation and Remote Work Go Hand-in-Hand




After generations of tedious manual processing, AP departments around the world transitioned to convenient AP automation. Sending invoices, approvals, updates, and more are all done automatically rather than using human resources. An increasing number of employees are working part-time or full-time at home, and AP automation is making it more accessible. Discover seven reasons AP automation and remote work go hand-in-hand.

Access Anywhere

When the AP department handles invoice processing manually, everyone must be present in the office environment to complete their work. With AP automation, people can work from anywhere on the globe. Whether a member of the C-suite is traveling internationally for business or a clerk is working from home, invoice approval is accessible using any mobile device.

Work Anytime

All staff members need to process vendors, and invoices is an Internet connection. Employees can work from a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer, depending on their preferences and location. Instead of waiting days or weeks for invoice approvals and other updates, financial data is accessible in real-time. As a result, team members can work anytime, which is particularly important for international companies.

Hassle-Free Invoice Approvals

Invoice approvals once took days or weeks to complete. An invoice might remain on a desk for days before being approved manually. With AP automation, approvals take just seconds. Remote workers on-the-go can approve invoices to keep everything moving forward smoothly. This level of efficiency helps reduce late payments and enables the AP team to take advantage of money-saving discounts for early payment.

Improved Visibility

With AP automation, pertinent financial data is updated in real-time. Remote workers have access to the same updates as people in the office. The C-suite and financial team instantly have relevant data at their fingertips to help fuel future business decisions. As a result, the AP team has emerged from the back office and become an integral part of helping management improve the bottom line.

Reduce Errors

Manual work leaves room for inevitable human errors. AP automation touchless handles many routine tasks, eliminating mistakes that may occur due to manual entry. With fewer errors, remote work is easy to perform because there are no questions or issues causing delays in processing.

Improve Organization

Maintaining physical files takes time, human labor, and physical space. Using installed software requires manually updating the system as needed. Cloud AP automation is the ultimate way to improve organization in the financial department. Eliminate paper and have everything readily available in seconds with just a few clicks.

Increase Flexibility

When workers need to access physical files to perform their jobs, they must be present at the office to get them. Having the accounts payable files on the cloud means remote work can be done anytime. From the C-suite to new hires, workers gain the added benefit of flexibility. And, this helps companies attract top talent that is starting to expect a remote work option as part of a robust employee benefits package.

As companies continue to adopt cutting-edge AP automation, remote work is becoming a reality rather than a concept. People are working from mobile devices as they take care of other business in their lives. As this becomes the norm, automation and remote work will make it possible.

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