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6 Things to Do on The Princes’ Islands in Istanbul



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Turkey is the land of a fabulous location and nature. There are cities like Istanbul, Izmir, and Cappadocia. Istanbul is one of the famous travel destinations in the world.

If you ever get a chance to visit Istanbul then don’t miss the opportunity to visit beautiful Princes’ Islands (Arabic: جزيرة الاميرات اسطنبول). The Princes’ Islands are frequently visited by the local residents of Istanbul.

There are many beauties to see and activities to do especially in spring and summer. It is always great to have a sunny day for a visit to the Princes’ Islands.

Here are the fun things that you must do in the Princes’ Islands in Istanbul.

1. Enjoy a nice island breakfast

The first thing that you want to try when you visit a new destination is their food. When you visit the Princes’ Island make sure you have a nice island breakfast. You would love eating bagels and pastries with a great cup of tea at tea gardens by the sea. You should also consider having breakfast at historical patisseries and breakfast shops.

2. Tour around the island by bike

The biggest Island among Princes’ Islands is called Büyükada. This island is large enough to easily tour around by bike. You can enjoy the lovely landscape of the islands on a bike tour. It is very easy to get a bike on these islands.

3. Have a picnic or swim

There are many fun activities on the islands and one of the most pleasant activities on the Princes’ Islands is the picnic. Each island has beautiful and green landscapes that you would love to see. Make sure you take your sandwich with you and walk around the islands.

4. See historical places and mansions

Turkey is a country with a rich history. There are many historical places which you must visit. The princes’ islands are also famous for historical places. You will be able to see fabulous mansions. You can visit a historical Greek school and get a chance to get inside a mansion. It will surely make your day.

5. Stroll through beautiful island streets

If you want to uncover the beauties of the Princes’ Islands then take a walk around the streets. You will witness lovely views of mansions and amazing streets covered with trees and flowers. You will find the unparalleled beauty of the islands by taking a stroll down the streets.

6. Don’t fail to try the islands’ seafood

If you love trying food from new places then another must-do activity on the Princes’ Islands is eating fish. You can visit lovely fish restaurants by the sea. You must try one of them to enjoy seafood by the sea and take a look at Istanbul this time from this side.

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