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How Microsoft Windows 10 improves data protection?



windows 10

Microsoft introduced Windows 10 back in 2015. The Redmond giant has been dealing with various issues since then. Initially, it was dealing with tons of bugs in Windows 10. Moreover, privacy issues were one of the major concerns that stopped users from updating their systems.

Experts have been criticizing various features and urged Microsoft to resolve privacy issues. However, Microsoft failed in its attempt to improve features that were responsible for privacy infringement in Windows 10. Security experts blamed for privacy infringements in Windows 10 for years.  

Privacy experts pointed out the way how Windows 10 collects user data and sends it back to Microsoft. Users believed that Microsoft has been deliberately collecting sensitive information.

Thankfully Microsoft addressed all those user concerns and implemented new data protection practices. The latest version of Windows 10 brings many security improvements. The company has now implemented a comprehensive data protection plan. Most importantly, the present practices maintain user productivity and meet compliance requirements.


Microsoft claims that it has implemented a couple of new features to offer “Windows as a service”. The company releases new updates every month to fix existing issues in the operating system and introduce new features. The advanced layers of protection help Windows to detect malicious behaviors and security attacks.

Let’s have a brief look at some features that ensure data protection in Windows 10.


Data protection is a major concern for business users. Specifically, large enterprises can’t afford to lose sensitive information at any cost. Microsoft addressed these concerns through BitLocker. Organizations can now ensure the security of sensitive information. BitLocker prevents unauthorized user access through military-grade encryption. This feature comes to the rescue when your device gets lost.

Windows Information Protection

Although there are many third-party tools and services that help users to protect their data. Still, Microsoft is determined to implement a data protection mechanism through Windows Information Protection. It prevents your business data so that unauthorized apps, documents, locations, or users cannot access it.

Azure Information Protection

Azure Information Protection basically works in collaboration with Windows Information Protection. It helps the platform in the classification and assignment of advanced permissions and sharing of sensitive information.

Windows Defender ATP

Today cyber-attacks have significantly increased as compared to the past. There are many reports of ransomware attacks where an attacker encrypts user data and demands a huge amount to decryption. Therefore, it is important for organizations to implement a robust antimalware strategy. Windows Defender ATP has been developed to block such malware and ransomware attacks. You must have spent thousands of dollars on the implementation and deployment of antimalware products. However, the built-in infrastructure in Windows 10 helps business users to save their effort, time and maintenance costs. You can spend the budget on other important modules.

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