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Enhancing Interior Design with Timber Flooring




As a surface we often step on, we seldom remember the effect it can make to the visual appearance of an interior. From the parquet de menuiserie in the 16th century France, a timber flooring wholesaler in Melbourne is offering suggestions on how to effectively use timber flooring in upscale interior design.

The choice of timber

Using the right color and variant of timber is the first and most essential step in using timber flooring. From the more common oak to Australian Blackbutt and Australian Jarrah, timber features different depth of pattern difference. While the pattern in oak is generally less noticeable, stronger texture can bring more naturalness to feel to a home, especially for larger spaces.

For smaller townhouses or apartments, timber flooring in lighter colors can offer a more spacious feeling to the smaller space with the color and the reflection of light. Warmer colors are also more recommended for home with the visual advantage of warmth and coziness from the hue.

On the other hand, if the stylish interior is your option, cooler colors or timber with a grey tone can bring more of a modern aesthetic to a place. You will be amazed at the effect of matching grey-tone timber with gloss white kitchen island.

The product to be used

There is a wide range of timber flooring products on the market currently, notably authentic timber boards, laminate boards, engineered SPC vinyl flooring and, recently introduced, SPC timber flooring.

When buying authentic timber boards and laminate boards, it is essential to look for sustainable sources of wood as these sources are not only environmentally friendly, the quality of timber is reassured under the sustainable timber source schemes as well.

SPC vinyl flooring would require a more detailed selection process as some vinyl may not be printed with great attention-to-detail that the vinyl might look blurry upon close inspection. Also, the pattern of the vinyl should be checked as well. Some manufacturers only have a few pattern variations to its vinyls that the use of the vinyl floor will become very apparent with similar patterns across a wide space.

A more advanced SPC option was recently introduced to Australia that replaced authentic timber veneer to the vinyl in engineered SPC flooring for the textural pattern of real wood while featuring the waterproof, durability and temperature resistant of SPC flooring.

Timber pattern

The laying pattern of the timber flooring can bring a unique appeal to the interior. One of the easiest patterns in color mixing. It can be contrasting colors or similar colors that are laid strategically to add more design cues to the timber floor, especially when the floor is being looked at a further point of view.

Another frequently used pattern refers to the herringbone pattern. This pattern required laying timber boards at an angle to another board to create a V-shaped pattern. This pattern can be easily achieved with clipping SPC floors without the need for trimming, as long as the manufacturer kept the dimensions of SPC floors across the range the same.

If you are looking for special designs, you can also look for timber flooring wholesalers as most of them will have a direct communication channel with a timber flooring factory. Some wholesalers also stock pre-made parquet options for faster delivery.

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