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5 Tips for Buying & Selling Antique Pocket Watches



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If you are one of the timepiece collectors or enthusiasts then you might love the pocket watches. Pocket watches were popularized in the late 17th century by King Charles II.

There is plenty of antique pocket watches available in the market. If you want to own one of these vintage pocket watches then you might consider some factors which determine the value of the watches.

1. Case Style

In pocket watches, there are two basic styles.  Some watches have hunter-cases which spring-release cover that opens to reveal the face. The other type has an open face style which has no front case and the face is always visible for direct viewing.

2. Mechanics

Pocket watches are delicate due to their small size. You need to know how the setting mechanism works. This will help you to handle and wind the watch properly. You can take the example of stem-set watch which has an external knob. You have to pull the knob out before you can turn to adjust the time. On the other hand, a lever-set style watches have a small switch on the side of the case which is used to perform different settings. You need to take care of these components as damaging these will decrease the value of your pocket watch.

3. Performance

Once you know the mechanics of your watch, now it is time to make sure that your watch works. If some of the mechanical part does not work then don’t force the mechanism as there is a risk of damaging it. A perfectly working watch has a much higher value than a pocket watch with a broken component.

4. Material

Like many other accessories, the material plays a vital role in establishing the value of the pocket watches. It is very simple thing as a Gold-made item has more value than a steel-made item. High value pocket watches were typically made from precious metals like gold, silver, and bronze. These materials have an intrinsic value even if the watch is not functional.

5. Historical Background

There are other things than meterial which may determine the value of a watch. If you own a watch that was used to time trains on the Transcontinental Railroad then you may be able to sell it for more money.

If you are planning to buy or sell a pocket watch then you should keep these factors in mind in order to determine the value of your watch.

If you know any other factors then do let us know in the comments section below.

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