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How to Maintain Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machines



Metal sheet laser cutting machine is an electric laser machine which is used to cut different metal sheets of some specific shapes and specific needs.

Metal sheet laser cutting machine has its several types for the various purposes.  The 4th generation laser machines use CNC (computer numerical control) router, DSP (digital signal processing) technology and auto feeding laser to cut the required metal into much precise manner. Metal sheet laser cutting machine works well with CAD, CAM and COREL DRAW softwares bringing the most precise and practical output. They just need a machine command like G-code to process regardless of any design format.

The accuracy and the lifetime of these machines depend upon the knowledge of how to maintain them.

Benefits of regular maintenance of metal sheet laser cutting machine

Several research papers suggest the regular maintenance of the metal sheet laser cutting machine is necessary. If you won’t regularly maintain it, it won’t last long or it may lose its output quality. There are many benefits of regular maintenance of metal sheet laser cutting machine including the extended lifetime and the super accuracy of the laser beam. 

The metal sheet laser cutting machine has to cut the hard metals according to the given data. If you don’t know how to maintain the tip and optical window of the laser, then you can’t produce the high quality accuracy. It’s not just about the optical window, but whole metal sheet laser cutting machine maintenance is important.

How to maintain metal sheet laser cutting machine?

There are some important points to remember about how to maintain the metal sheet laser cutting machine. Keep checking the key accessories alignment and fitting. Following key points should be always considered before and after the usage of metal cutting laser machine.

Sanitation: It is probably the most important point to remember regarding metal sheet laser cutting machine maintenance. You must keep the environment and the machine clean. So that, no dust can infect the laser and optics.

Leakage checking: You should keep checking the leakage in whole circulating waterway of optical path. If there is any leakage found, cope with it in the meantime.

Gas pressure checking: You should daily check the pressure of working gas and cutting gas regularly before turning on the machine.

Filter replacement:  You must keep changing the oil and air filters regularly.

Water chilling maintenance:  You should keep changing the water for smooth workflow and a moderate temperature.

Cleaning optics: It is the most sensitive part regarding metal sheet laser cutting machine maintenance. The optical window and the lens should be kept clean from the smoke and dust. However, you should not clean it with your hand or any sanitizing agent. It demands professional and expert worker. Otherwise, the ens can be damaged or cracked.


Remember that these metal sheet laser cutting machines cost a huge amount. Before buying any metal cutting machine, you should consider the high quality product from the experienced companies having some positive reviews and some brand industrial partnership record. So, they may remain in touch and assist you over the years regarding the metal cutting machine maintenance as well. For example, HSG is a brand in laser intelligent equipments.


Their accessories of mental sheet laser cutting products are all from famous brands. The fuselage design conforms to the European standard; the electric and drive systems are provided by Panasonic.Their metal sheet laser cutting products would be the best.

Further, you will get your proper quotation according to your most specific need staying home from their website.  So, you may consider any experienced brand like HSG before buying any specific laser cutting machine. Don’t forget to have an inquiry about the specific product which will suit your most specific needs.

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