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Smart Building Solutions: Why Router Matters for Your CCTV Camera System



The advent of CCTV cameras ushered in a new wave of home and building protection and surveillance, unlike we have seen before. It, thus, became possible to see what goes on at different angles of the home without having to step outside.

More advancement in tech, though, and we had the IoT solutions that now allowed these cameras to be accessed from over a distance.

When choosing the ideal IoT device management dedicated to CCTV cameras, one of our top picks remains the Robustel router systems due to the deeper thoughts that went into their engineering and design.

Here are some of the reasons why they remain the top picks for us:

three white CCTV cameras mounted on wall

Dual-SIM compatibility

One of the benefits of using IoT solutions for CCTV cameras is to ensure the data can be accessed from anywhere in the world with the right login credentials. All that will quickly be defeated if there was an issue with the main network that the router on which the cameras are being run.

Thus, it is important to note that Robustel comes up with solutions that allow users to deploy dual SIMs on the same router.

Should there be an issue with one of the network providers, the second can kick into place with relative ease.

2 Remote Functionality

It is one thing to have remote access to the data, and it is another to maintain remote functionality over all that is happening with the cameras.

Deploying Robustel’s solutions IoT devices management on CCTV cameras makes it possible to switch the cameras on and off without being onsite. This can be great for several reasons, from saving on data costs to keeping the cameras inactive when there is no need for them.

Speaking of saving on data costs…

3 Data Limiting

Running a CCTV system 24/7 with capability for remote monitoring can fast get expensive. Since the router in question supports both 3G and 4G network bands, it also has built-in protection against the overuse of 4G data. Thus, surges will be contained so much that your data bill comes back looking normal at the end of the month.

4 VPN functionality

One of the biggest issues with smart building IoT systems is how they are vulnerable to hacks. This is usually due to the old hardware and/ or software modules on which these IoT devices are built on.

What this means is that the data can easily be hacked to manipulate what you are seeing, or even prevent you from recording an incident when it happens. The best way to kick against that is to set secure passwords and also encrypt the connection on which these cameras are maintained.

Shipping with a VPN out of the box, Robustel’s routers make it such that every piece of information being relayed on that network is encrypted to a very high grade, leaving nothing for a hacker to sniff out.


It is one thing to install CCTV cameras, and it is yet another to ensure they work the way they are supposed to. If you need to install them in the first place, you must need them to work well too. With Robustel’s smart building solutions, you are as covered as can be.

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