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5 Laptop Accessories for On-the-Go Productivity




The top benefit which a laptop offers is the portability. You can work anywhere and whenever you want. You can work at the beach or during a 12-hour flight. In order to enjoy all this, you don’t only need a laptop but also you need some important accessories to make your out-of-office work more efficient.

If you want to maximize your on-the-go productivity, here are the top five laptop accessories to supercharge your workflow.

Backup charger

The first thing that you need while working out of the office is power. The laptop battery is consumed very fast if you run heavy programs and applications on it. Especially if you are using additional accessories like a USB monitor then your power drops quickly.

In order to deal with this issue, you need a high capacity laptop battery and AC adapter. These accessories will make sure that you always have sufficient power to run important applications and complete your tasks without the fear of running out of power.

Mobile mouse

Why do we need a mouse when all laptops these days come with trackpads for moving the cursor? But these trackpads are not fast enough for many productivity-oriented jobs and a mouse works much better. There are many wireless mouse models available out there.

The modern wireless mouse uses Microsoft BlueTrack technology, which offers incredibly precise tracking on more surfaces than optical or laser mice. A mobile mouse is much more power-efficient as a single AA battery can keep it running for up to eight months.

Portable USB-powered monitor

A dual-screen setup at the office is an amazing way to increase the productivity of the employees. But if you to travel and also have to do the same work then your productivity will drop significantly. But no worries as there are a lot of USB-powered monitors available out there in the market. You can choose the size which best meets your needs.

You can enjoy the same productivity and the same level of outcome while working on the go.

Portable scanner

If your work involves a lot of documentation and paperwork then it is very important to have a portable scanner with you. You will be able to digitize the documents without any problem. The good news is these portable scanners are available in all shapes and sizes. These are also very lightweight without any drop in the features.

Mobile printer

The other thing that you might need with loads of paper-work and documentation is the mobile printer. There are many types of wireless printer available out there but we recommend the wireless mobile printer from Canon. This printer is about as small as it could possibly be while still allowing a piece of paper to run through it. It is the best printer to carry with you while traveling and you don’t have to carry messing wires and cables. The great news about this printer is that it also works with iPhones and iPad.

If you know other accessories that one should carry while working on the go then do let us know in the comments section below.

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