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Stella Bulochnikov | Philanthropist & Entrepreneur



Stella Bulochnikov is the name behind a number of great TV shows and artists. Her career has seen her working for Nickelodeon and VH1, and as part of Grammnet productions with Kelsey Grammer, and also as a manager to Mariah Carey.

Being a producer and entrepreneur is just the tip of the iceberg, however. Stella Bulochnikov is so much more. She is a single mother to two daughters who she has raised alongside holding down a demanding and successful career. In addition to this, she is a philanthropist who works hard on behalf of a number of organizations whos primary concerns are women’s empowerment and children’s health.

Stella Bulochnikov Comes From Humble Beginnings

Bulochnikov’s family moved to New York from Russia in the 1970s. Her grandparents had survived the Holocaust, and she is the descendant of Jews who struggled through the Russian pogroms. This adversity in her family’s history has empowered her and provided her with the drive to succeed. Bulochnikov owes much to a very powerful and hard-working woman in her life; her grandmother. Working until the age of 95, Bulochnikov’s grandmother demonstrated the value of hard work. Something which Stella herself applied throughout her career, and has looked to impart on her daughters.

Bulochnikov Is Involved With Charitable Organizations

Because Stella Bulochnikov embodies the goals of women’s empowerment, she devotes a lot of time to charities that seek to help others to achieve in their lives. Fund Her is one such example. The charity fights for gender parity and supports progressive women. Another example of a charity that Bulochnikov has involvements with is Step Up! Which looks at developing leadership.

Other charities and groups that Bulochnikov works with include Janie’s Fund, set up by Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler. This charity seeks to help girls who have dealt with abuse and neglect, offering them the support that they need to heal. Another area that Bulochnikov is involved in is supporting St. Jude’s, a children’s hospital that does a great deal of research into childhood diseases and cancer.

The Career of a Reality TV Superstar

Bulochnikov is a self-made woman who left home and headed to Hollywood alone. She knocked doors and made contacts off her own back and eventually, through persistence found her way into ICM Partners. From there, her career grew.

Working as a Talent Relations Executive at Nickelodeon, Bulochnikov began putting big talent into successful TV shows. She moved onto VH1, where she spent five years as Senior Vice President of Celebrity Talent and Original Programming, a role that she excelled in. This saw her working with the likes of Paris Hilton, Drew Barrymore, and many more.

As the manager for Mariah Carey, Buolochnikov set up Mariah’s first tour of Europe in a decade, and also produced the animated ‘All I Want for Christmas’ as well as the hit reality TV show, ‘Mariah’s World.’

With Kelsey Grammer, Bulochnikov produced the Golden Globe-nominated ‘Boss’, before going on to create the Hulu series ‘Light as a Feather.’ In a rich and varied career, Stella Bulochnikov has time and again showed that if you persevere you can succeed, and in doing so, you can raise others up too.

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