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3 Reasons Why choosing an Acrylic Display Case for Your Shop



When selling goods or participating in exhibitions, you need display cases to show your products to the customers properly. A display case keeps items intact within the cabinets and serves as an advertisement for your brand. 

Display cases have a direct impact on sales volume. The cabinets’ style and appearance need to match the brand identity and product design. With a creative logo sign, your goods can be displayed conspicuously in front of the public. 

There are various display cases on the market. In this article, we will talk about choosing an Acrylic Display Case for your shop. We will consider this extensively used display stand from its material, design, and color point of view. Let us begin.


The materials used for display stands are numerous. Nowadays, depending on the product sold, in most shops, we can find ash wood laminated structures. Besides, wooden cabinets, there is also a combination of metals and glasses structures. A material particular suitable to be utilized for a display stand in shops is the acrylic.

Acrylic display cases are made of kind of plastic. Among the many properties of this strong synthetic material, we have incredible strength and resistance. Other characteristics of the acrylic are glass-like clarity, brilliance, and transparency. Compared to glass, though, this kind of plastic has half of the weight, and it is more resistant to impacts.

Concerning the specifications of such an acrylic display case, it can be customized flexibly according to the size and variety of goods. When purchasing, you should pay attention for the connection between the acrylic panels to be firmed and not to have scratches on the heating surfaces. 


Acrylic display cases are highly appreciated by many design professionals because of the freedom they provide. Display cases made in acrylic, thanks to their intrinsic qualities, they go beyond the structural design and can have many different customizable forms and shapes.

In addition to the distinct design, some acrylic display cases can also be equipped with lightboxes, fluorescent lamps, and spotlights to increase their charm. The layer inside cheap display cases can also be increased or reduced to meet your own personalized needs.

The designing concept behind is about display the items dimensionally and comprehensively. Through this way of exposition, the customers can fully see the product and better appreciate the details.


In general, the color of the acrylic display cases is mainly white and transparent, which is also the mainstream choice for modern style. Many display cases also can be dyed with different colors. Under the illumination of light, the color of the display stand will map the products in the cabinet, bringing out a staggering result. 

Among the many products suitable to be shown in acrylic display cases, we have accessories, clothing, and cosmetic products for young clientele. High-tech products such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers are indeed another perfect example. 


Here you have it. These are the reason why most modern businesses use acrylic display cases to gain more profit and save budget. 

It has to be said that manufacturers with strong design capabilities and rich experience will be ideal choices for you. FUHUI is a company with experience of acrylic production for 20 years, and its Rotating Acrylic LED Display Case not only can be rotated but also has embellishment of light. 

Providing OED & ODM service, FUHUI has won the heart and esteem of numerous partners across the world.

We hope this article was useful for you to make a better decision when purchasing new display stands for your shop. 

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