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The Manufacturing Process of Egg Tray Machines




In the farmer’s market for wholesale egg, we will find that eggs are neatly stacked in those inconspicuous egg trays or egg cartons layer by layer. And thousands of eggs packaged in egg trays or egg cartons are transported around the world by trucks. These packages seem simple, but the manufacturing process is much more difficult than we think.

The paper egg tray making machine, a new type of pulp molding equipment, is used in this manufacturing process. Egg tray machine is to recycle the waste material to make egg tray, so as to reduce the waste of resources and protect the environment, which conforms to the living concept of contemporary people.

There are four main methods applied in the manufacturing process of egg trays, which are pulping, forming, drying, and packaging.

1. Pulping

As the first step and an essential part of the pulp molding system, pulping is to change waste paper into pulp. Generally, the raw materials of egg trays, such as waste newspapers, books, office paper, etc., are stirred and crushed in the hydraulic pulper. After the waste paper is mashed into pulps, the impurities mixed with the pure pulp need to be separated and screened to obtain smooth and uniform pulp.

If you want the egg tray to have more special functions, such as waterproof and anti-static, it can achieve by adding a small number of functional additives and water.

Given that pulp runs through the whole manufacturing processes, the purity of pulp has a great influence on the damage of the egg tray machine giving significance to the powerful pulping system.


2. Forming

The second step is to form the pure pulp. vacuum pump, air compressor, pulp molding machine and cleaning equipment will be used in the forming system of paper egg tray. Among them, the pulp molding machine is the key equipment of the molding system and the direct cause of the different manufacturing processes of egg trays and egg cartons.

In the forming process, the paper pulp is adsorbed on the egg tray mold by vacuum pump to obtain the complete wet embryos of egg trays first. The function of the air compressor is to take out wet embryos from the mold and transfer them to the next process.

After the wet embryos are de-molded, the cleaning equipment will wash the machine quickly and neatly to maintain the mold and ensure the quality of each final product. What is important is that the manufacturing process needs to be carried out orderly and accurately without interruption to ensure the continuity of production.

3.  Drying

In the development history of drying technology, there are a variety of drying modes to consider. Because of the low efficiency of environmentally friendly natural drying methods (air-drying or sun-drying), manufacturers tend to choose a more cost-efficient drying process. It dries the wet embryo of the egg tray by transferring the heat produced by coal, fuel oil, and natural gas.

4. Packaging

Different products require different packaging equipment. The packaging equipment commonly used for egg carton (paper) products are packaging machines, counters, and hot press. As the manufacturing cost of egg cartons is usually higher than that of egg trays, the hot press is usually required before the final packaging of egg cartons to achieve a better appearance and quality.


Egg is an indispensable food intake in daily life and the demand for eggs is increasing, which drives the mounting use of egg trays and egg cartons. However, the low capacity of traditional egg tray making machines have failed to keep up with the development of the market. In order to meet the market demand, the cost-effective egg tray making machine with high capacity is what most of the egg manufacturer pursuit for.

Here is a suggestion that is the HGHY pulp molding line with a high-speed double-rotating egg tray machine as the central system. It is especially suitable for large capacity production of all kinds of paper trays. Moreover, the fully automatic mode is available for HGHY egg tray machines greatly saving the production and management costs for you. Adopted the world’s leading double rotation continuous batch forming technology, HGHY is committed to providing you with cost-effective and energy-saving egg tray machines.

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