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XY Find It – The Simple Device That Saves Time and Stress




You know how it works when life conspires against you. You are already late for work and you cannot find your car keys. Or, your smartphone is off, so you cannot even locate it by calling. We spend so much time looking for things and it is enough to drive you nuts! Of course, they usually reappear in a place that you were sure you checked multiple times.

Whether you are forgetful, have an overactive mischievous poltergeist in your home, or your kids are pranking you, a simple device has been invented to ensure you never lose your valuable items again.

Called the XY Find It, this GPS tracking device attaches to your phone, keys or whatever else you cannot be without. Then, should you misplace the item at home, you just need to use a web browser or app (on mobile devices) to locate your item. It works by connecting via a Bluetooth signal which tells it to make a sound. All you have to do is follow the sound until you find your item.

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Wait, there’s more!

While this sounds nothing different to many other GPS finder products on the market, it has some other tricks up its sleeve too. Those with poor hearing can also use the XY Finder or those in loud places that will make it difficult to hear the emitted sounds. Using a mobile device and the app, it will show a single strength that gets hotter and colder as you look for your item.

Now, as the XY Find It works via Bluetooth, the signal will not reach too far away. That said, they do claim that it can locate your items a good 300 feet from the device you are using to search for it. We found that it was a little less than this, but it is still good nonetheless.

So What Happens if Your item is Stolen and Further Away?

XY Find It has thought about that too. Unless you are hot on the heels of a thief or notice your item missing very quickly, you are unlikely to find it via the Bluetooth connection. Doesn’t matter, XY Find It also offers a Stolen SMS feature. Once activated via the app, you will be sent the exact GPS coordinates of the XY Find It beacon and the item it was attached to. You just need to go to Google Maps and type in those coordinates to get a physical location. Or you could just tell the police instead.

Final Benefits

We have listed the key selling points of the XY Find It already, but there are more. It is tiny and compact, so it can be hidden inside items easier. Furthermore, you will not need to change batteries for a long time as they last a good 5 years. To top it all off, it is affordable, especially when compared to similar products on the market.

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