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The Best Place to Buy Glasses in the UK



Reading glasses

I recently used Specscart’s services for buying prescription glasses online. I came to know about them through Instagram and choosing them for my recent purchase has been my wisest decision ever. 

The prices at which they sell sunglasses and glasses online blew my mind. Never before had I seen a company which provided glasses frames at such affordable rates in the UK. 

I booked an appointment for a free eye test at the Bury store. Then I ordered a free home trial of four frames of prescription glasses. They were given to me for a week. I placed the order for the frame which I liked among them and a new pair was sent to me immediately. 

The most exciting part about the glasses was that I got three protective coatings for free. My lenses have anti-scratch, anti-glare and anti-UV coatings without me having to pay extra for these. 

The super fast delivery of Specscart is commendable. Where other stores take at least 10-15 days in delivering prescription glasses, Specscart took only two days. 

After this amazing experience, I ordered blue light filter glasses for my children. Both of them spend a lot of time watching videos and playing games online. When I came across the X-Blue UV coating on Specscart and read about it, not only I ordered it for my children but also told my friends and family about the benefits of these glasses. 

It is my responsibility to choose the best and healthiest for my kids. Now, that my kids have started using blue light glasses, I feel safe about their eyes. They told me that they really felt the difference after using those glasses. 

Everybody should give Specscart a chance just like I did! 

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