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Why Inflatable Rescue Tents Are the Best Option for Emergency Medical Rescues



Every moment on the earth that we are living, people are experiencing a major or minor disaster. Calamities are merciless and will affect not only our physical and mental health but also our possessions, such as our community’s houses and public infrastructures. Some disasters have a small scope of influence. Others instead have a broader range, just like the outbreak of COVID-19.

The worldwide epidemic outbreak of COVID-19 was unexpected and extremely infectious. The confirmed cases rose rapidly in a few days, which made us frightening all the time. Because of the increasing number of infected patients, the medical system in various countries has been in a state of collapse. To face this apocalyptic scenario, authorities deployed inflatable rescue tents for emergency medical rescues. 

In the recent period, we constantly receive disheartening news. Every day hospital wards capacity is full, but there are still many confirmed people affected with the virus waiting for hospitalization. 

Given the severe mismatch between the number of wards and the number of patients, the inflatable rescue tents for emergency medical rescues are utilized to relieve the pressure of the hospital at this time.

On the market, there are the traditional cloth tents that need to be built manually and inflatable rescue tents. The airbag of the rescue tent is made of high-strength polymer composite airtight cloth. A unique high-frequency mold constitutes this polymer. Inflatable rescue tents are mainly used for emergency medical rescue during sudden disasters such as floods and earthquakes. They are also employed by military operations, civil affairs, public health, and the non-profit organizations as the Red Cross.

Since the inflatable rescue tent has excellent moisture resistance, the inner walls can be kept dry all the time, even in the heavy rain. And all work can be done inside without leaving the tent in lousy weather. Besides, inflatable rescue tents have other features, such as good heat preservation performance, tear-resistance, and long service life. Inflatable rescue tents are most suitable for emergency rescues, and they can be used safely for more than two years under unfavorable weather conditions. 

Compared with the traditional rescue tent, the inflatable rescue tent for emergency rescues is easier to carry and set up. It can be erected by directly inflating for 10 minutes its structure. It is practical to build than the traditional rescue tent and manage to save lots of labor and time. 

On top of that, the inflatable rescue tent for emergency rescues has a better wind resistance than its counterpart. Equipped with an automatic compensation inflation system, the inflatable rescue tent can maintain a constant pressure of gas for a long time. 

Using inflatable rescue tents for an emergency rescues are a fast and perfect solution to provide proper medical care for patients. They are composed of airtight modular units, which can provide doctors and patients with excellent contained rooms for medical treatment. The inflatable isolation rescue tent from Cheer Inflatable played a crucial role in the war against the coronavirus.

This innovative version of inflatable isolation rescue tent for an emergency can better adapt to a variety of harsh environments. Even in uneven roads or stormy weather, Cheer Inflatable emergency rescue solution can be inflated within just 10 minutes, providing a larger space for the hospital to offer emergency beds. The possibility of room isolation is an essential feature of this system. It can be used to separate patients infected with COVID-19 and prevent cross-infection.

If you need inflatable rescue tents for emergency rescues, Cheer Inflatable with 17 years of OEM and ODM experience in inflatable products could be the right choice for you. 

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