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Chinese Cartoon Happy Friends with New Season Goes Popular Again



With the upgraded content created by fans, the 13th season of Happy Friends is coming. On March 1st, Energy Nuclear Guardian of Happy Friends was officially launched on major TV stations and network platforms across China.

Happy Friends is an animation brand suitable for the whole age, integrating parent-child, education, and entertainment. As the second masterpiece of the director Huang Weiming after Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf, it is selected as Excellent Domestic Animation by the State Administration of Radio in China.


Happy Friends has been on the air for a decade, in which it has been collecting feedback from fans for advanced improvement. As the content becomes more ups and downs, it successfully infiltrates into the lives of the young.

During the premiere on the TV station, Hunan Golden Eagle Cartoon, it won the national championship of ratings for nine days. And it expectedly ranked first in the daily list of the broadcast volume of Chinese popular video platforms Tencent video, IQIYI, and Mango TV.

Moreover, it also officially landed on the barrage video website Bilibili, a young-oriented video playing platform, gaining heated attention and discussion among the audience. Breaking into the top of the National Innovation Zone after going online, it extends the enthusiasm to other major film and television forums, attracting a mounting number of new fans.

According to the statistics on the network, Energy Nuclear Guardian of Happy Friends has stayed first in the broadcast volume and popularity of the whole network for two consecutive weeks since the rebroadcast on March 10th.

It is reported that the Energy Nuclear Guardian of Happy Friends, with the compact plot and vivid characters, brings excellent viewing experience to fans who are motivated to make a secondary creation of the cartoon.

Given the new equipment “shuttle” of characters in Happy Friends is highly accessible, its derivative products, such as toys, will enter the market soon. Except for the toy, the elimination game based on the cartoon characters is in hot public beta, acting upon to be officially launched on the whole network.

In the future, Happy Friends will continue to launch the 14th season, the 3D movie the Stones, and other high-quality animation works. Adhering to the original aim that “Content Being King”, a visual feast will be brought to the audience.

Being on the way to a broader global market, HAPPYTOON will continue to enhance the brand influence, create core value, and present more unique and exciting works to the public.

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