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What is it like to study at Shattuck St. Mary’s Forest City?



Forest City is known for a lot of things. Forest City industries cover various fields, and its drive towards education is fast coming to the fore too. The reason for this is not far-fetched, seeing the good work that this establishment has been able to do in just about every other sector it has its hands in.

Looking at the current educational model put forward by Shattuck St. Mary’s in the region, though, there begs the question of what it is like to get into the inner educational system set up there.

If you have also been wondering about that, this piece will give you a snippet into what to expect.

Holistic Training at Its Best

The educational model over at Shattuck St. Mary’s is not just developed around one level or stage of education. The institution understands that education is a continuous process, and makes plans for that process to keep rolling right from the kindergarten level.

To that effect, they have deeply integrated programs that draw influence from all other higher levels of education around to prepare the student for the next level at any point in their lives.

Beyond any other thing, this ensures a more comprehensive educational training is imparted to the child rather than mere fragmentations.

Access to Healthcare

As of the time of this writing, Forest City is implementing some of the biggest changes and advancements in the healthcare industry right on site. Forest City introduces internationally renowned hospitals and healthcare industry clusters. This is in close proximity to the school in the vicinity, making it possible for students to gain easy access to the said healthcare protocols.

The best part of this all is that the management of Forest City is not slowing down on its oars. With plans to make futuristic health management practices and infrastructure available in the region too, they contribute to the whole being of the student rather than just being an imparter of knowledge.

Availability of Options

It is worthy of note that Shattuck St. Mary’s is not the only educational institution in the Forest City vicinity. They have also been able to capture the influential presence of huge educational brands like the University of Reading, University of Southampton and Newcastle University, to mention but a few.

Shattuck St. Mary ’s integrates educational resources from surrounding educational institutions to provide a comprehensive international education system from kindergarten to high school, which gives them greater opportunities to obtain quality educational resources abroad.

This makes it possible for students to start planning out the next phases of their lives ever before they get out of the current one.


Education is not just what happens within the classroom, but also a combination of things that happens without. Forest City understands this, and they are making moves to ensure students to be highly exposed to the inner workings of the area when they attend Shattuck St. Mary’s.

In addition to education and training, there are two other core Forest City industries: healthcare and tourism. Thus, the entire area around where the school is established has been designed such that the students get to interact with cutting edge tech, commerce at its best, different cultures from all over the world and much more. This is a recipe for the making of not only a well-rounded student but a global citizen. The Forest City development will benefit the local economy more and will create 220,000 jobs in Malaysia for green and smart technologies, tourism and MICE tourism, offshore finance, e-commerce and other industries. This diverse environment will open up numerous possibilities for all graduates of Shattuck St. Mary’s Forest City.

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