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Four Tips for Beginning Freelance Writers



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Using networking, volunteerism, and connections can help build your successful, organized, and long-lasting freelance writing career.

Many people are interested in freelance writing as a ‘side business’ or as a way to make extra income. However, to be a successful freelance writer, the person needs to be determined, dedicated, and driven to succeed in this competitive business. The following tips detail several of the ways many freelance writers get started and are able to build a successful business.

Improve Typing Speed

When you are a freelance writer, you have to write a lot. Many freelance writers have to write thousands of words per day in order to meet deadlines. This is only possible when you have a good typing speed. If you are not a computer freak or not a frequent typist then you need to take free typing lessons online in order to learn the basics of speed typing. Fast turn around and order delivery will give you an edge over your competitors.

Network, Network, Network

As a freelance article writer, you will need to expand your list of contacts and have the ability to draw upon those contacts when needed. Make a list of any and all networking activities in your community. Next, decide which opportunities fit best with your target market and which events would provide you with the most diverse group of people. It is impossible to attend all networking opportunities. During one month, you may join the local chamber of commerce business after hours group as a guest; the next month you may attend a local civic meeting. Decide which organization and which events bring you the best results and attend those in the future to add to your list of contacts.

Volunteer your Writing Talents

Most writers want to make money immediately upon deciding they want to have a freelance writing business. However, there are many freelance writers trying to do the same thing. Now is the time to build your portfolio of work and gain experience. Volunteer your writing talents with a local non-profit organization. Most of these organizations need writing completed and are short-staffed. They are more than happy to offer a new writer a byline if that means their writing tasks are accomplished. After you have cultivated a relationship with a non-profit organization, word will spread quickly of your writing talents and dedication to your clients. This is the first step toward building your freelance writing reputation.

Join a Non-Profit Organization

While many budding freelance writers may feel as if they are already stretched for time, joining a non-profit organization is a wonderful way to network and utilize your writing talents. Not only will you meet local influential people, but you will be a popular presence in the community based upon your volunteerism. While the non-profit organization itself may need writing, you will also find local entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, and other business people that need writing talent added to their organizations.

Becoming a successful freelance writer takes hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Networking, volunteering, and joining organizations are all ways for people to get to know you and to discover your true writing talents.

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