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What is field service management software?



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Field service management software, also commonly referred to as FSM software, allows businesses to manage their remote workers, such as field engineers, and their activities. FSM is beneficial to employers as it allows for increased productivity from field engineers and a greater level of customer service, by providing instant access to business systems to the field engineer.

FSM also helps with things like reporting by removing the need for handwritten reports and errors and instead offering an app based system for ease and efficiency. Other benefits include access to customer information, job scheduling and allowing field workers to access a product database.

What are the key benefits of field service management software?

  1. Happier customers

Remote workers have direct access to the business systems. This can help with assigning a job to the worker who is closest to the location, reducing waiting times for customers. Once at the job, the engineer has instant access to the product database, and can order any parts required for the job, and can give customers instant pricing and delivery information if required.

  1. Invoicing and payments

FSM software often comes with the ability for field workers to instantly provide customers with prices, full quotes and invoices for work carried out. What’s more, they can also have the option of allowing the customer to make a payment there and then – which is a great bonus for the business itself.

If any additional work is carried out, the field worker can instantly book an appointment at a time agreed with the customer, based on accessing the FSM software’s booking system with available dates and workers.

  1. Field workers have everything they need

FSM software provides workers in the field to have the full set of information to complete a job remotely. From the location of the customer and job details, to the fastest route and access to invoicing and reporting – FSM software puts your field workers in the driving seat.

If a customer has a question which the field worker is unable to answer, they can simply take a look at the company’s knowledge hub or product specific information. Or if they need to, they can instantly connect with someone at head office and get the answer they need.

  1. Reduces errors

Working in the field can make reporting on a job completed difficult. Workers may be operating outside in difficult weather, or may simply want to reduce the time spent at a customer’s location or home. This can often lead to rushed reporting which is later difficult for others to decipher.

FSM software comes with customized reporting options built into the app, resulting in faster, more efficient reporting, and a significant reduction in errors due to poor handwriting or misunderstandings.

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