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How to search for jobs in Dubai during COVID-19?



jobs in dubai

What is the status of the businesses in the United Arab Emirates? How do you find jobs in dubai now?

These are only a few questions you will have in mind when looking for a Job in the Middle East area.

In this current time, the job search is one of the trending issues we are in. Though it is already tough before it becomes harder these past few months because of the pandemic that is still continuously affecting the businesses. Employers’ offer is lower knowing that the small ones are more affected by the situation, regardless if it will fill their needs but at least to get through, some job seekers will grab the salary far from their expectation.

However, we understand the economic status which is constantly fluctuating. Other companies already closed, and some went bankrupt even though few are well-known companies. The potential new entrepreneurs have not opened their businesses yet and the talked about EXPO 2020 was postponed until next year. With the latest lifestyle and work process of people, this may sound negative but if we look at the other side of it, except the reality that we need to be strong amidst the pressure, stress, and problems. This COVID19 helps us to appreciate the simple things, to value the time spent with your family, to focus on daily needs rather than with the material things. Because of the quarantine, the sky is clearer, streets seem to give a different feeling as well.

Going back to the topic, the work from the home operation will help job seekers look for jobs more easily. Meaning most of the companies prepare to get candidates who are available to work in flexible timings. There are multiple websites to where you can apply, not only for Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi but for all the emirates. We have Vacancies, Dubizzle, Naukrigulf, Indeed, and freelancing jobs which sometimes providing full-time or contractual jobs are Freelancer, up work, and other Job portals that can be found over the internet.

While the people who are unemployed increasing, the number of vacancies online is adding up not only for the freelancers but for full-time jobs too. Employers may have their requirement: heretofore, this is acknowledged by the jobseekers. To qualify, a proper layout of the resume and unique style of enclosing all the usual personal information alongside the list of experience and certifications attained should be well-aligned.

Notwithstanding, job search might be difficult because of the competition. Knowing that there will be a lot of candidates, as a job seeker you must stand-out. Some social platforms will help like having good connections and a professional LinkedIn profile.

For the applicants from other countries and planning to job hunt in Dubai, you must be equipped with the following requirements:

Should be knowledgeable with the culture and legal variation

It is important regardless of what nationality you are, obtaining a visa will need to impart the details like for how long your stay and reason of visit is until and unless your country of origin is included with the list of approved upon arrival visa.

Search through the internet about UAE

Understanding the distinction of culture. Courtesy is requisite. Being professional when talking to the locals or Islam nationals will be a great advantage when you are checking for Dubai Jobs or UAE jobs.

Research thoroughly online to build contacts

It will be relevant to search online for Job portals to where you can apply before coming inside the country. Or if you know someone, family, or friend, you can ask them for assistance as well. However, if you can get a sponsor, the right thing to do is to clear with them if a working visa will be provided. Because an ex-pat with an individual visa is mostly not allowed except if it is for business purposes or if you have an immediate family who is currently staying in UAE.

Getting Dubai Visa through an Agency

This will be a support, but it is fundamental to inspect the recruitment agency to avoid scammers. Money is not easy to earn and that reason you must value every penny and be extra careful not to waste it with indecent persons. It is better to check the list of approved Dubai Recruitment Agency to make sure that the process will go smoothly.

At present-day, the circumstances might be crucial. Decision and plans should be given some careful thoughts and well-organized. As nothing is easy and nothing is permanent. It is necessary to learn and accept that change is constant in this world. We can go with the flow without losing ourselves in the process. Be strong and believe that things will get better and it will be.

Make sure to create goals not only for the short-term but the ones you will benefit in the long run.

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