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What is elo boosting? A Beginners Guide



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If you are a huge fan of League of Legends and playing it for long enough then you have probably come across the term “elo boosting”. However, if you have just started playing League of Legends then you might want to know that what is elo boosting and why is everyone is talking about it?

If you are new and you haven’t heard the term “elo boosting” then chances are there that you haven’t been exposed to the term LoL boosting. In this article, we will discuss in detail what boosting is and how it works. You will get a very good understanding of the term by the time you finish reading it.

What is elo Boosting?

Elo boosting is a service in which a player with a high elo increases someone else’s rank in the game. The player who wants to increase his rank gives access to his account to the booster (Player with high elo). Boosting is also known as MMR (Match Making Rating). When the booster has reached a particular league like Platinum or Diamond, the boost is complete and you will get your account back. You can now play the game in this new division or you can take it further to another boost.
Remember, during the boost, you won’t be able to access your account to play any League of Legend. In order to do that you need to have a separate smurf account. Otherwise, you have to wait.

The process seems pretty simple, but why do you need a boost? Let’s talk about some advantages of boosting.

What are the benefits of elo Boosting?

Unlocking End of Season Victorious Skin

For many players, the goal is unlocking the end of season Victorious skin. Players are determined to beat their previous season rank.

Beat the friends

Some players just want to beat their friends and finish in a higher division. Elo boosting can help them achieve this.


The biggest advantage of boosting is saving time. You don’t have to spend hours to achieve your goal and you can focus on other things.

If you’re in Bronze 1 and want to achieve to at least Gold 5. You could spend months trying your hardest to get there, or you could simply pay a booster to get you there in a few days. Which option would you choose?

Is Boosting Dangerous?

On the landscape of the internet, cybersecurity is the main concern of the people. Being hacked or having account stolen is the worst thing which can happen to you. It can be very frustrating. Do you want to lose your League of Legends account after you have put in months and years of hard work?

To make sure your account safety, you need to buy your boosting from a trusted booter like Trusted companies have developed a number of ways to make sure your account details are safe.

Good boosters also use dedicated IP addresses to make sure your account is safe. In other words, you can feel safe handling your account details to such boosters.

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