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The Best Cloud-Based Employee Screen Monitoring Software



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When choosing proper employee screen monitoring software, one of the things you need to choose is your data storage location. You can choose to keep the data stored on your own servers, or you can save it on the software’s cloud. What is that you’re asking?

A cloud-based employee monitoring software allows monitoring data to be stored on the software server, while the reports can be accessed from the web.

There are a few reasons why you should choose a cloud-based solution for employee screen monitoring software:

Easy Installation – Cloud-based software is usually easily installed, without needing help from IT staff

Remote Control – The software can be accessed and used from any device, anytime, anywhere

Remote Data Storage – This type of platform protects monitoring data from being lost in case something happens to a monitored device

Efficient Cost – No need for monetary investments for storage servers

And now, on to a list of the best cloud-based employee monitoring software on the market:


With a pricing plan of $6/user monthly, Workpuls is one of the most affordable monitoring software on the market.

It’s UI is simple to use, and it gives you insight into apps and websites your employees are using in real-time. With Categorization feature, you can classify those applications and websites as productive, unproductive and neutral, and you can do this on a department level.

Workpuls offers three types of the login:

Manager – this login has access to all gathered data

Employee – individual workers can check their productivity stats and payroll calculations

Client – give clients gated access to data relevant to their projects

Another handy feature this software provides is a Payroll calculation, which helps you compute payroll based on activities the software tracked.


Teramind pricing plan starts from $60/5 users but considering it offers many different features, such as Data Loss Protection (DLP), that’s no wonder.

This software goes the extra mile with providing security measures, such as Insider Threat Guard. This feature allows admins to block access to certain websites or unauthorized hardware.

Another feature you don’t find in many employee monitoring software that Teramind provides is the Optical Character Recognition, which recognizes on-screen text and allows you to set up keyword alerts.


This software is free for up to three employees, otherwise, it costs $4.99/user monthly, and buying an annual packet gets you two free months.

WorkTime has some basic employee monitoring features like attendance tracking, internet and software usage, employee clock-ins and outs. However, it lacks important elements like screenshot ability or payroll management.


Besides standard features, this software provides handy tools you don’t see in other screen monitoring software for PC. One of them is Search Engines Activity Monitoring, which includes recording of all search queries. Another thing this software can do is to take a snapshot using an inbuilt or connected webcam.

Pricing plan per PC depends on the number of months you’re subscribing to, and it starts from $3. The minimum computer count is three.


Toggl has three different pricing plans. The starter pack is $10/user per month, Premium is $20, and you have a custom plan for enterprises. It also offers as much as 30 days of a free trial.

This software’s features are grouped as basic, which are simple time tracking features, and advanced, which include tools like email tracking reminder and detailed reports.

Another one of useful Toggl tools is the “Pomodoro Timer”, which helps you remember to take breaks.


This software starts from $5, which makes it one of the least expensive software on this list.

It has all the basic employee monitoring features, like time tracking, productivity analysis, and screenshots.

Office TV feature takes a snapshot of employee’s screen in low resolution, which is one-way Berqul tries to protect worker’s sensitive information.

Berqul offers BQ score performance metrics. These scores are calculated based on the ratio of time spent on applications and websites you classified as productive and those you marked as distracting.


Another software that offers one month of a free trial. After that, it costs $5/user monthly, with a $10/month account fee.

This monitor tracking software has Location Management Solutions, such as GPS geotagging and mileage tracking, which ensures employee tracking from anywhere.

VeriClock allows you to send a message to a designated employee by email or SMS if someone doesn’t show up to work on time.

The main disadvantage of this software is that it only allows 1 GB of storage capacity, and you can get an additional 10 GB for $20/month.


This is another computer time management software that puts an extra emphasis on data protection, through methods like protecting file transferring from unreliable websites and applications.

It has multiple pricing plans, with Primary module starting from $8/user per month, and you can combine it with different add-ons.

One of the nifty features this tool tracking software offers is a keyword tracker – Alert Words. With it, you can configure a list of words that will trigger actions, alerts, and reports. This way, you can always know when someone uses your name, for example, whether they Google it or they mention you in their emails.


Yet another software with the price as low as $5/user monthly.

WorkScape has two different modes – Freelancer and Supervisor. The first one puts you in charge of monitoring your own computer, while the second one gives you control over monitoring company computers, and hides WorkSpace from their system bar menus.

It also has GPS tracking, which helps you keep track of employees’ movements.

Another cool thing is that its screenshot ability has a blur option, to protect personal employee information.


This software offers a free version which is limited to three users, and it doesn’t perform any apps and websites tracking or activity level. The other two pricing plans are Standard at $4.99/user monthly, and Professional at $6.99/user per month.

One of the handy features ScreenshotMonitor provides is Activity Level, which measures employee’s mouse and keyboard activity level, which is measured in percent.

The UI is somewhat outdated, and simplicity of use isn’t one of ScreenshotMonitor’s benefits.

This software to log computer activity requires an Updates and Support subscription, which is free for one year, after which it has to be renewed, and the cost is typically around 33% of the initial license.

Final Thoughts

So there it is a list of the best employee monitoring software with a cloud-based solution. We’ve narrowed it down for you to top ten, and now the choice is up to you. Make use of the free trial that all of these programs provide to choose the best one for your business needs.

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