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What Are You Doing On Melbourne Cup Day?




Some very lucky Australians and visitors from overseas will actually get to be trackside at Flemington Racecourse to watch the annual running of the Melbourne Cup. As the track only caters to a little over 100,000 spectators, we obviously can’t all fit inside, and many of us are simply too far away for a trip to Flemington to even be a possibility.

So if you’re one of the unfortunates who can’t make it to Flemington to watch the race live, what other options do you have to fully embrace and enjoy one of the country’s most popular and iconic sporting events?

Experience the Excitement of the Day At Your Local Race Track

Most major and regional racecourses host their own race days and trackside parties on Melbourne Cup day. It’s the next best thing to being able to experience the excitement of being trackside at Flemington. You’ll be witnessing live horse races and be able to take a punt on the local races, as well as all races on the card at Flemington Racecourse.

A day at the local races also gives men and women the opportunity to dress up for the occasion as if they were in Melbourne. The champagne and beer will be flowing freely, and no doubt your local race organisers will ensure there’s plenty of great food on offer as well.

Just make sure you plan to take the day off work in advance so you’re not disappointed and can actually make it to the track without having to fake illness and call in sick. How many bosses are really going to believe you’re truly ill on Melbourne Cup day anyway?

Is There a Party At Work?

Even if you have to work in the morning, many Australian businesses and companies close down for the afternoon on Cup day, and the majority of workplaces will hold some form of Melbourne Cup party; either at work or at a selected venue.

If you currently have a job, chances are you won’t be partying alone come the first Tuesday afternoon in November.

If you have a really good boss, then likely all the expenses will be on them, so you not only get the afternoon off work, but you also get to eat and drink for free as an added bonus.

Many workplaces also hold sweepstakes, where everyone chips in some money and gets to draw a horse or two from a barrel or a hat. Office sweepstakes can be a lot of fun, and having a horse you’re backing makes watching the race that much more exciting.

Spend the Day At the Pub

There won’t be many pubs in Australia that aren’t holding a Melbourne Cup function, so even if you’re at a loss for something to do, you know you can also meander on down to your local and there will be things happening.

Enjoy lunch and a few beers before the big race. Place a few bets on the preceding races while working out your best betting options for the main event.

Your local pub will have TVs positioned all around the bar area, and likely a huge screen TV as well. Watch the race as it happens live and soak up the excitement generated within the room.

When the race is done and dusted, the party will carry on well into the evening.

Host Or Attend a Private Party On Cup Day

Chances are you know someone who is hosting a Melbourne Cup party, but if not, you can always organise your own event at your place.

It doesn’t have to cost much. Just instruct everyone to bring some food and snacks and something to drink and you’re away.

So long as you have a decent TV to watch the race on, you’re good to go. Later on, you could all head out to party the night away at a bar or night club.

The Takeaway

There are plenty of options for people to enjoy the big day without having to be in Melbourne or at Flemington Racecourse. This post has covered just a few ideas, but no doubt there are more options. Wherever you are on Melbourne Cup day, just enjoy the moment, as it only comes around once a year.

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