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Bloon Tower Defense 5 Unblocked



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Ninjakiwi has done it again, bringing monkeys and balloons (bloons in the game) at war in their latest release, Bloon Tower Defense 5 of the popular BTD series. In BTD 5, you’ll be doing everything to bock the way and pop the bloons so that they don’t stretch to the end of a marked course on a map. You’

 Earn cash by popping bloons, beating levels, and picking bananas from the in-game farm, which you can give in exchange for new towers, upgrades, or temporary items like road spikes and exploding pineapples.

BTD 5 Gameplay

The gameplay places you on the side of monkey defenders, and the direction from which attacking Bloons appear is entirely unpredictable. Bloons will be trying to fill the narrow and tangled aisles. Your task is to prevent them from hitting, reaching the other end of a defined course.

There are various towers and traps you can choose from. Use these objects to barricade the way in defense against the bloons. Popping a layer of bloons will earn you one in-game dollar. Else the bloons will reach the end of the path, and you’ll lose a life or health. The game ends once all the lives are depleted.

Special Features

There are various types of monkey towers, each with a unique way of killing bloons. Each power can be upgraded to a more deadly version once you can afford the price. BTD 5 features two extra tower types and one extra Bloon type, which makes a significant improvement from the previous BTD 4. The game is also tweaked in some exciting ways that depart from old strategies. Each tower can now afford 8 different upgrades, and camouflage bloons are back double deadly. The added hear Bloon is harder to strike dead, and its ability to regenerate if not hit fast enough adds up to the already daunting task.

Other exciting additions include the one-shot “secret agents,” which you can purchase using the monkey money. You earn thus monkey cash by surviving deadly items to the end of the road. Also existing are the new paths, new experience levels attained by striking down lots of bloons, and the usual modes.      

BTD 5 Design and Graphics

Simpler and lighter graphics are deployed this time, presumably to cut off the lag in the later stages of the game. Towers, Bloons, and scenery, though less detailed, have become easier to differentiate in BTD 5. To hold onto your progress, you need to sign up with Ninjakiwi to access the save function. Registration is free except for some entirely optional microtransactions. But with our BTD 5 Unblocked, you get to enjoy the game free from annoying sign-ups and nagging paywalls if that’s how you roll.

BTD 5: Verdict

BTD 5 is one of the most played video game around. The game has become such a force among folks all over the globe that there is a growing concern about it being one of the significant time-suckers that can impact the productivity of a nation. However, cutting it down to a sheer taste of fun, BTD 5 stands out as one of the most immersive video games ever published.

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