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Ways To Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month



breast cancer ribbon

Each October, the news fills with stories about breast cancer and people who defeated it. Local businesses push various fundraisers for breast cancer research. People share their experiences with breast cancer. Working for breast cancer research is something many activists do throughout the year, however. There are a number of ways to get involved with the fight against breast cancer and not just during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Buy Pink Ribbons Whenever Available

The pink ribbon campaign has become a symbol of breast cancer awareness. It is the most visible sign of breast cancer research. Buying a pink ribbon lapel pin whenever possible is an excellent way to support breast cancer research without spending significant money. In many cases, consumers are simply funneling money they would be spending anyway toward a good cause. Some states have made license plates with a pink ribbon, for example, and clothing or handbags with pink ribbons are available in many stores. Some of these sellers donate this money to help beat cancer.

Honor a Breast Cancer Survivor

Chances are good that almost everyone knows a breast cancer survivoras this cancer is so common among women. Find a woman who won her battle with cancer and take her out to lunch or send her a gift. October is the best time to honor a survivor.

Run in the Race for the Cure

Susan G. Komen fought breast cancer and lost her battle. The very small race has spread now to a large non-profit with races happening all over the country. In most towns, the Race for the Cure is a run/walk event, so even people not in great shape can participate and raise money.

Organize a Breast Cancer Fundraiser

People feel more generous during months designated for certain conditions. Plan a fundraiser during Breast Cancer Awareness Month for the local community. A simple fundraiser is a formal dinner with all proceeds going to charity or a potluck with requested donations or a raffle among a smaller group of friends.

Honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the local community helps to feel part of something wonderful and worthwhile. While remembering breast cancer efforts year-round is a great goal, many people have only limited time and money to give. This October helping the community focus on breast cancer research and statistics is an excellent way to work for a good cause.

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