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Looking Great on the Cheap




Inner gorgeousness and joie de vivre makes you glow, but beauty products can certainly help you look and feel great on the outside too and there’s no reason to break the bank in order to do so. It is said that the average woman spends just under £500 per year on cosmetics which is quite a princely sum but you don’t have to invest this much to win big in the beauty stakes. In fact, you probably already have many of the solutions at your fingertips and the rest is only a click away! All it takes is a little bit of creativity so maybe it’s time to think out of the beauty box.

Whether it’s using everyday items, scouring the internet for the best beauty hacks or becoming a beauty ambassador to save precious pounds; here are some ways to look great on the cheap.

Sugar anyone?

We live in a consumer society but with many of us feeling the financial pinch shopping can feel less like retail therapy and more like an additional stress! We may suffer from FOMO – fear of missing out on the latest beauty products or worry we can’t achieve the same result without them but there is no need to give in to such fears because many natural beauty remedies can be found within your kitchen cupboards that achieve the same effects without you having to leave the house! For instance, you may be sweet enough on the inside, but sugar makes a great exfoliator too.

For a great exfoliator; simply shake a small amount into your palm and mix with a little water or olive oil to give your skin a polished glow that you won’t get from your coffee cup! However, you can also actually use fresh coffee grounds to make an exfoliating face mask – just make sure they are cool enough to apply and gently rub into your skin first!

Get paid in make up

It sounds too good to be true, but you can actually get free make up by being a beauty ambassador. Simply by leaving reviews and referring friends – you can try and keep new and well-established products. In this way you can quickly build up a collection of top brands that any makeup artist would be proud of!

Multi task your products

Many of us make the mistake of thinking we need to make individual purchases for each beauty need but there are plenty of products that can do lots of different jobs in one; saving money, clutter and complications! A smear of tint can be used to contour, highlight and add blush as well as giving you kissable lips – three great uses for just one simple product.

Go back to basics

We tend to forget that the everyday products found in our bathroom cupboards are not only cheaper than but equally as effective as the most expensive of prettily packaged products. A pot of Vaseline is a great balm for sore skin and chapped lips and it also gives a smooth finish to brows and short hair! A dab of tea tree packs a punch for pimples and witch hazel acts a natural astringent; making it a great toner for the skin.

Perfectly tinted moisturiser

Foundation is probably THE beauty basic, so you don’t need to spend time and money looking for an additional tinted moisturiser for those less is more days. Simply take a travel bottle and mix (one part to four) your usual foundation and moisturiser and voila! Check for SPF to see if it can be used as a tinted sunscreen too.

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to look great. By using some of the tips below, you could find you can slash your beauty budget but continue to look and feel great.

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