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Three Main Types of Flexible Drinking Straws in The World



Imagine a world without flexible drinking straws. When you order some beverages, you are told to drink it through the little hole on the cover. Looking at the bubble and pudding in the beverage cup, you feel confused and embarrassed. Now that drinking straws are essential to all of us, maybe it’s time for us to learn something about them. In this article, we’ll walk you through three main types of flexible drinking straws.


Since flexible drinking straws gain lots of attention these years, many drinking straws manufacturers speed up their research process and upgrade their production equipment to respond to the massive market needs. However, no drinking straw manufacturer is positioned as well as Bubird to benefit and support the expanding market. Bubird is an innovative product designer, researcher and developer perfectly rolled into one. This company values the protection of the environment a great deal, which inspires it to produce flexible drinking straws with eco-friendly materials and exquisite technique.

There are three main types of flexible drinking straws in the world. Each type has different characteristics and attributes. After doing some research, we are going to list some information for you.

Paper Flexible Drinking Straws

This type is the first flexible drinking straw in history. In the 1930s, an inventor called Joseph Friedman noticed that it was difficult for his daughter to drink a milkshake through the straight paper drinking straws. Immediately, an idea hit upon him that he could use a screw and a string to make the straw curved. That’s how we get the first flexible drinking straw. This type of drinking straw was easy to produce at a low cost. In spite of the inferior equipment and low-quality material, people were satisfied with paper flexible drinking straws. They used them to drink beverages and wines. However, a major problem occurred, that was, paper flexible drinking straws were easily turned into mush by water due to the weak structure. What’s more, it also adulterated the flavors of beverages and wines to a great degree.

Plastic Flexible Drinking Straws

On account of the disadvantages of paper flexible drinking straws, many people try to improve them with some better materials. Finally, the creation of plastic materials contributes to the development of flexible drinking straw. On account of the excellent durability, people are fond of plastic flexible drinking straws and quickly get used to them. Moreover, once inserting them into the cross-shaped hole on the cover of beverage cups, people can drink delicious beverages easily. The whole process is quick and will not cause flexible drinking straws any deformation, which makes this type of drinking straws become a good counterpart to the disposable beverage cups. However, the wide use of plastic flexible drinking straws causes severe pollution to the environment. According to research, 500 million plastic drinking straws are thrown away every day in the US. While the pollution to the marine or the soil caused by plastic products is irreversible and catastrophic.

Silicone Flexible Drinking Straws

Along with the increasingly serious environmental problem, a number of people consider refusing to use plastic drinking straws. Meanwhile, some coffee retailers promise to phase out these products. Under the circumstances, a new type of flexible drinking straws pops up. Bubird comes up with reusable silicone straws after extensive research. Silicone flexible drinking straws are made of food-grade material and successfully passes the LFGB and FDA test. Thanks to the top durability and high quality, this type of straws are even suitable for hot beverages without causing any safety issues. Most importantly, soft texture plays an essential role in protecting the baby’s tender gums. This straw can be used repeatedly as long as you clean it by water, which can lessen the plastic pollution to the earth. Since these silicone flexible drinking straws have beautiful appearances with many colors to choose, some people even consider buying it as a gift.

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