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Top Five Things to Consider When Buying a Car Audio Player



audio player for car

Nowadays, a car is more than just a means of transportation. A car can be a place where meetings hold, where people relax, and much more. It is not just the “car” that makes this possible, but the accessories. Today, you’ll find cars with air conditioning systems, TV players, coffee makers, and so on. However, of all these accessories, the audio player remains the most common in cars. Many people are looking to get audio players for their cars, and getting a suitable one can be a challenge. 

For this reason, you’ll get to learn about the five things you should consider when purchasing an audio player for your car.


It doesn’t matter how expensive, feature-filled, or amazing an audio player is, if it doesn’t fit in its box, then it’s a waste. When looking to purchase an audio player for your vehicle, it is easy to forget about size and focus on the features. However, the size is as important as every other thing.

The head unit of every car is often different. So you should know the dimensions of yours and work with that. In this way, it is easier to search based on specific measurements and see what’s available instead of searching for all kinds of audio players.


When people look for car audio players, they often only need something to play music or their audio files. However, not everyone is in this case. For example, I love to listen to the radio, instead of playing music. So I prefer car audio players with a radio feature in them.

Not all audio players come with radios as a receiver will be needed for that to work. If you want to listen to your best On-Air-Personalities (OAPs) while driving, then you should be specific about buying a player with a radio in it.

Screen Type

Audio players come in different configurations. These days, you’ll find some running on Android OS, such as display unit for Chrysler, and they have touch screen capabilities. The simpler ones have text-only screens, and you operate them using buttons. While those are more comfortable to use, they are often costly. The latter are usually cheap, and you’ll find a lot of audio players with that kind of configuration.

At last, it depends on what you feel about the different user interfaces. Preferences differ, so you should be clear about the screen type when looking to get a new audio player.

Player Type

The term “Mechless” is often used when discussing car audio players. It means a player with a digital media receiver. The “Mechless” player does not have a built-in CD slot. They receive input through USB ports, SD card slots, etc. If you are such kind of person that makes use of CDs a lot, then “mechless” will be a bad idea.

It should be said that it is rare to find as CD players are being phased out at this time. As a result, many audio players will come without support for CDs or DVDs.


Price remains an essential factor to consider when purchasing any item, and it is the same with a car audio player. You should always consider your budget before commencing your search for a player.

Also, when you understand the features you want in the player, it becomes easier to have a budget. You can stay safe from overpriced players or even from the poor quality ones at low prices.

Bonus Tip

The five tips discussed so far in this article are crucial to purchasing an audio player that you’ll enjoy. But here’s a bonus tip: purchase from trusted makers. It is essential to only purchase from makers with a track record. Also, it is crucial to purchase from trusted manufacturers alone, as it makes it easy to get replacements when something gets damaged. An example of such is Opuradio. They provide high-quality audio players at a reasonable price. Thus, if you want something with clickable buttons, rugged and with a radio feature like the Uconnect Fiat Freemont car audio Media CD player, then you should check out Opuradio store.

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