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The Top 6 Beaches In The World



The idea for what is best whether it’s a simple cuisine, a dress or any travel destination, depends upon the person making the choice and this choice varies from person to person. Everyone’s concept of an ideal solely depends upon his innate nature and his likes and dislikes. So when it comes to making a choice, it rests upon the shoulders of that one being who has to decide.

On the other hand, it doesn’t necessarily mean that no one can help him see the picture more clearly and help him make an informed decision. That’s why we have put together a list of the five best beaches based upon the information we have gathered. All of these have their own particular qualities and feel which make them stand out amongst others.

1. Miami Beach, Florida, United States

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Miami Beach is a coastal resort city in Florida, United States. At this warm and beautiful Miami Beach, visitors can swim, surf and jet ski in the warm and crystal-clear Atlantic waters. Have you ever wanted a nap on the white sands? You can do that here in Miami beach. People can work on a tan or simply watch beautiful people. At South Beach, you may get a chance to meet your favorite models and celebrities. If you are planning to visit Miami, you can find the best hotels, hostels and much more at

2.  Whitehaven Beach, Australia

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Whitehaven Beach is one of the most secluded beaches there is on planet earth. It is known for its serene beauty and the quiet which takes you far away from the noise of our world. The whole island is a reserve with crystal clear water and beautiful sand. The beach is only accessible by the boat or a helicopter so it takes quite an effort to get there but the whole trouble seems so worthy when you get there.

3. Baia do Sancho, Brazil

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Sancho is rated and voted one of the best beaches by thousands of its visitors. It has been voted one of the most beautiful beaches of the world due to its unique emerald Green water, beautiful sand and a serene view. It is said that it is the best place on the planet and is magical in every way. Enough can’t be said about the serenity of the beach due to its unquestionable beauty and unmatchable energy.

4. Grace Bay, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands

Grace Bay

Grace Bay Beach is one of the marvelous beauties that earth has. The whole beach is devoid of any pollution, plastic, rocks or seaweed. It is an epitome of serenity and nature where you can go to truly unwind yourself. You can visit it at any time during the year where it’s shimmering white sand and warm waters make your heart leap with ecstasy.

5. Clearwater Beach, Florida

clear water florida

Clearwater beach located in Florida is recognized as one of the best beaches by the trip advisor based on the reviews of the people who visit there and who have visited there time and again due to its fabulous ensemble, its unmatchable environment on a clear sunny day and its serenity. You can visit the beach around the year because it’s lovely in all weathers. Dolphins can also be spotted from the coast playfully hovering around. It is famous for jet skiing, paragliding, parasailing, and paddle boarding.

 6. Flamenco Beach, Culebra, Puerto Rico

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This is a public beach located on the Caribbean island of Culebra.  It is famous for its swimming areas, diving in addition to the wonderful view that it represents. It is situated along with National Wildlife Refuge, one of the oldest wildlife reserve in the United States. The waters off Flamenco beach are home to species of parrotfish, blue tang, multiple species of wrasse, and other Caribbean Sea fish species.

If you are a travel enthusiast then you must visit these beautiful beaches around the world. Make sure you don’t overpay when going on vacations. Always look for discounts and travel packages like CTCvactions to save money and get maximum leisure out of your trip.

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