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5 Ways to Make an Impact With Custom Trade Show Exhibits



custom trade show booths

Trade shows are a great way to directly interact with your customers and meet your potential vendors. Trade shows are also a popular method for brand activation. You can introduce your new brand, products or services in a very effective way.

But trade shows are a very competitive place as there is a huge number of vendors participating. In order to get the attention of the visitors, your booth has to be very attractive and it should stand out. If your booth doesn’t stand out, you are likely to waste your marketing budget.

In this article, we will discuss how you can get maximum out of your booth at a trade show. You might need the services of custom trade show booth builders to achieve some of the below tips. Here are the top five strategies which will help you to get more visitors to your booth.

Focus on attracting visitors from multiple directions

In order to get noticed by visitors coming from different directions, your branding elements should be visible from all the sides. Visitors should be able to see your logo or branding hangings from all the directions. You can use the branding structure as shown in the picture below.

Make Your Display Fun to Make It Memorable

If your booth at the exhibition is just like other booths then it will hard for people to remember your brand. Your main objective is to create brand awareness and if people are unable to remember you then you are likely not meeting your objective.

In order to make your brand memorable, you need to make your booth fun to make it memorable. For example, if you are a gaming company you can install screens are provided a demo gameplay experience to the visitors.

Provide A Sensorial Experience

Technology has made your trade show participation more effective. You can make screening rooms for showcasing your products. It is a popular method today. For example, if you are a real estate developer then you can show video animations of your site in a video screen booth.

Make Space for a Lounge Area

People get tired at trade shows as it involves a lot of walking. You can help them by creating a lounge area for visitors inside your booth. In this way, your brand will also get noticed.

Make Your Booth Insta-Friendly

We are living in the age of social media and people love to take pictures and share their every story on social media, particularly Instagram and Facebook.

Now each person on social media has a decent number of friends or followers. Just think of how many people will view your brand on social media.

In order to get social media exposure, you need to make your booth very unique and creative. You can add some cool custom props in order to make it fun for the people. Make people take pictures and they will definitely share them on social media.

Following these tips, you can get maximum output from trade shows. Always make an effort to get custom trade show booths so you can do as advised in this article.

If you know any other trade show booth tips then do let us know in the comments section below.

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