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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for the Fitness-Obsessed Man in Your Life




The gift-giving season is finally upon us, so now is the time to show the fitness fan in your life how much you support their athletic goals. Whether it’s your significant other, a friend, brother, dad, uncle or the friendly guy at the front desk of the gym, the right gift is sure to make them feel special.

From track pants to workout bags, hats and active recovery essentials, this guide has you covered. Here are some gift ideas for the strong man in your life.

Keep Them Covered in All Seasons

The grind doesn’t stop just because it’s cold or hot outside. Working out is a year-long journey and the weather shouldn’t have to stop your favorite fitness lover from conquering his goals. Since we’re talking about the holiday season currently, warm yet performance-boosting workout gear is a must. A great place to start is with a premium pair of track pants. The best ones are less like loungewear and more like their favorite pair of gym shorts with a little extra coverage. Whether he’s an outdoor runner or just needs something to keep him warm on the walk from their car to the workout, they come in clutch.

Also, check out performance-based outerwear like hoodies, sweaters, beanies and other cold-weather essentials. These pieces are especially useful if your recipient exercises outside year-round. If your fitness lover likes to wear essentially the same gym shorts plus performance T-shirt look year-round, then gift them an upgrade from a premium brand that knows performance-based fabric and styles through and through.

Everyone Needs a Premium Pair of Running Shoes

Whether your recipient runs a marathon a week or dreads cardio day, everyone could use a nice pair of running shoes. The right running shoes can make all of the difference in your runner’s performance, providing the traction they need to stay a step ahead, cushioning support to help reduce impact, along with flexibility and durability to keep them comfortable for many runs to come. Experienced runners will love this gift since they’re probably always in need of new running shoes.

For those who either want to run more or know deep down that they could use a cardio day or two in their routine, a new pair of running shoes might provide inspiration to get going. After all, just as high-quality running shoes can make runs more enjoyable, if they’ve been clogging around the track in their old sneakers, they might not even realize that running can be comfortable and enjoyable.

Gift the Training Shoes That Can Handle It All

For the guy that never holds still and likes to do things a little differently, cross training shoes are a great gift. The best cross training shoes combine the flexibility and lightness of running shoes with the support and stability of weightlifting shoes. The result is a match made in cross training heaven. Gift them a premium pair designed to handle anything and everything in their workout routine.

Whether they’re bench pressing, sprinting, rowing or squatting, the right cross training shoes will power their performance through every movement and exercise. Not all cross training shoes are created equal as it’s quite the challenge to combine flexibility with stability. Consider what the top athletes in the world wear and check those models out. If they’re good enough for a pro, they’re definitely good enough for your fitness lover.

Gift Workout Routine Specific Gear

Moving on, you can never go wrong with routine-specific workout gear. We all have our set routines and many people are attracted to different types of exercises and routines based on their goals and what makes their body feel the best. Think about the type of fitness your recipient is into. Are they big into powerlifting and compound movements? Or maybe they’re addicted to the post-run high and are always up for a good old-fashioned virtual race?

Knowing your recipient’s routine and goals is a great way to find something a bit more personalized to them and practically guarantee that they’ll love your gift. So, along with running shoes, maybe gift them a pair of running gloves for their brisk early morning runs. Or, maybe they’d love a new pair of premium boxing gloves for their cardio kickboxing class. Whatever they’re into, gift them something that will help them perform at their best en route to their goals.

Accessories Are Always a Great Idea

You really can’t ever go wrong with fitness accessories. Along with their apparel like track pants, gym shorts and specialized footwear, if they’re like most, there are tons of accessories they use before, during and after the workout. Whether you’re looking for a quick stocking stuffer or just want to gift a complete package, fitness accessories are the way to go.

There are so many options too. Most people would love a new training bag to help them lug their gear to and from the workout. Or a cap from their favorite performance brand will help them stay stylish and cover their bedhead during early morning workouts. Along with the other gifts on this list, don’t overlook fitness accessories that can make a big difference.

Think About Their Life Outside of the Workout

What about your recipient’s life before and after the workout? Chances are they don’t leave their active lifestyle at the workout. Nope, they’re always looking for ways to improve their performance both physically and mentally. For example, lots of fitness enthusiasts are all about hitting their daily 10,000 steps, if not more. A nice pair of super comfortable mens walking shoes are designed for daily wear and make every stride and step feel effortless. Whether he’s bouncing around at work all day or running weekend errands, these are sure to come in handy.

Other outside-the-workout essentials can include active recovery tools, equipment and accessories. For example, a new yoga mat could come in handy during their active recovery days, so they aren’t just stretching on the bare floor anymore. Or, a new pair of sporty sunglasses can keep them looking cool and fit their aesthetic wherever they go outside of the workout.

Invest in Quality and Legacy Above All Else

No matter what you gift your fitness fan, quality and legacy are most important. Whether you’re gifting mens walking shoes or new track pants, always shop with a brand that has a long track record of success. Premium performance brands know what modern athletes expect out of their apparel and footwear. The best workout gear for men will provide cool, dry comfort and premium durability that holds up after countless reps and workouts.

About Reebok

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