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The Most Popular Vape Tricks and How to Do Them



If you smoke artificial cigarettes like E-Zigarette, then you are engaging in the new celebrity trend of Vaping. Vaping is a safer option to ordinary tobacco, cigarettes, and weed. It has gained mainstream popularity during the past several years, and many people have to transform vape into art or game. Vaping is not only less harmful but also fun and exciting. Sit back as you are about to learn ten basic and easy smoke tricks that are not only fun to learn but insanely cool too.

1 – Ghost Inhale

The Ghost Inhale, also known as snap inhale or the mushroom cloud, and it is the most natural vape trick. The Ghost Inhale is a trick easy as ABC and anyone can do even on a first try. It resembles a Casper when released off a vapor ball which is sometimes followed by an act of sucking it back in.

How to Do Ghost Inhale Trick

Inhale some vapor directly into your mouth and don’t allow it go to your lungs, for a few seconds, hold it there and let it settle. Note that you don’t want to blow all the vape out, therefore try and push the vapor out in small bits. Afterward, open your mouth and suck it all up, you should see the vapor forming a little ghost as it is sipped back in.

2 – The Dragon

The trick lets you look like a dragon when you exhale the smoke from your vaporizer. The trick is where you blow the vapor simultaneously out of the sides of your mouth and nose, making it look like it’s coming from four directions and has a look of a dragon’s breath.

How to Do a Dragon Trick

Take a drag from the vaporizer. Then use force to exhale through the nose and both corners of your mouth, try shutting your lips tightly only in the middle. It is recommended to practice in front of the mirror if you want to achieve the desired effect.

3 – The Tornado

To do this trick, you require a smooth surface. You can try to direct the smoke through a cardboard tube. This trick involves stirring a flat pool of vapor on a flat surface so that it twirls into a tornado shape which looks insanely cool. It is best done with mod or pen which will give it a thick and still vapor.

How to Do the Tornado Trick

Exhale the vapor on the surface, don’t make any sharp moves and let it stay on the surface for a second. Next, make use of your hands and cut at the surface. Afterward, all at once, spin your wrist up and lift your arm to create a tornado.

4 – The Waterfall

This exciting vape trick is not that hard to master, therefore, it is suitable for beginners. The trick hints the water falling from the heights, but instead of water, the vapor will go down from the bottle.

How to Do the Waterfall Trick

To perform it, you need an empty recipient. Water or soda bottles are perfect. Once youVe taken a drag, blow it into the bottle and gently pour it out.

5 – Vapor Bubble

If done right, this trick creates a large bubble. It is very simple and looks very impressive. You can produce a big bubble by trapping your exhaled vapor in a bottle.

How to Do Vapor Bubble Trick

You can use a roll of toilet paper or a tube and on one end put some liquid soap so that a thin film covers it. Ensure that the bottle you’re using is small. You will then lower the end of the bottle into the liquid, then, slowly exhale your vapor.

6 – Liquid Mist

This is a fabulous trick to impress people when you’re at a party or hanging out in the club. To perform this, take a glass with a wide diameter of any cold drink. When the glass is half full, take a drag from your vape device. Then, touch the top of the glass with your lips and slowly exhale the vapor.

7 – Blowing Triangles

First, exhale an O-ring. Then, very fastly move your forearm and push the ring down three times in a row. The O-ring will then start to roll and form a shape like a flying triangle.

8 – Blowing O’s

Blowing O’s, also known as smoke or vape rings, is a trick that involves making the letter O out of vapor. Take a deep drag and let it stay in your throat. Then exhale a little amount of vape to get rid of the exhale vape.

Next, you will have to make an “O” shape with your lips. When the vapor finally comes out, it will have an O-shape, then, push it out using the muscles from your throat.

9 – The Jellyfish

The most difficult trick, but when done correctly, the vapor will form a jellyfish flying in the air. Jellyfish consists of two O-rings. Blow a large O ring using your hand to push the circle and slow its pace slightly. The premise is to drive a small O ring through the center of a larger one so that they connect to form what look like a jellyfish.

10 – Double, Triple O’s

This trick requires you to perfect blowing O’s before you start with double or triple O’s- Place two fingers in the center of your mouth, the same way as you did when blowing regular O’s- Then, exhale the vapor slowly, at the same time use your finger with the other hand to poke your throat. You will finally have many small O’s all around in the air.


Vape is a great hobby plus provides perfect relaxation. No matter what your choices are when it comes to vape, learning to do a few tricks is a nice way to pass the time and impress the people you’re hanging out with. Experiment! Don’t let fear take over. However, keep in mind the basic rules and take care of your safety. Indeed, some tricks may take a bit of time, effort, and courage, but they are worth it. Remember, all these tricks do need a little practice, preferably in front of a mirror, but in a short time, you will be an expert.

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