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Tattoo Aftercare – A Step by Step Guide



tattoo aftercare

Caring for your new tattoo is vital yet a very simple process. In this article, we will discuss the step by step guide to tattoo aftercare. Different experts may give different advice according to their knowledge and experience but the end goal is the same, to speed up the healing.

So let’s get started with the tattoo aftercare guide.

Step 1.

Once you’re done with your tattoo, your tattoo is wrapped up with the bandage. Once you get home after two or three hours wearing the plastic wrap you want to take it off. What are you going to see there it’s some slimy weird texture and it’s perfectly fine. It’s simply the excess plasma mixed with blood, ink and also some ointment. You need to remove gently all this and dab it so that it can dry up.

Step 2.

The step number two will be to clean up your tattoo with non-scented antibacterial soap. Make sure that you constantly keep your tattoo clean. You can also take a shower right away but make sure you don’t stay like 30 minutes under the shower.

Step 3.

Once your tattoo is clean you want to take care of it with some ointment. You have got to be very careful with the ointment as most people tend to put a too thick layer on their tattoo. What happens when you do is you just clog the pores of your skin and basically it creates gaps. You don’t want to do this the ointment part. I’ll suggest you do it for three to four days. I see you you’re going to be asking me so what are the best ointment? I would recommend using Bepanthen for tattoo aftercare or Aquaphor as they are easily available. It is a great ointment as far as taking care of the tattoo is concerned.

Step 4.

Step four will be switching to some nonscented lotion. After three-four days of regular ointment switch to any lotion you like.

Here are a few bonus tips. These are the things that we would want to avoid while we’re tackling healing.

1. Firstly, I’ll suggest you avoid the Sun. You don’t want to get a sunburn over your tattoo.

2. Don’t want to soak your tattoo in water. So no pool party, no jacuzzi, none of this when you take showers.

3. Don’t wear tight clothes simply because it’s going to be rubbing over your tattoo.

4. Do not workout for a few days after getting a new tattoo because you’ll be sweating and the pores of your skin will open up. The sweat is going to be mixed with toxins which will go through your tattoo.

5. Don’t peel, don’t pick, and don’t scratch your tattoo. it is gonna be itchy.

6. Don’t get your tattoo overexposed on the Sun and if you do get on the Sun make sure to put some sunscreen.

I hope these tips will help you in tattoo aftercare. If you know some other tips then do let us know in the comments section below.

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