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All You Need to Know About Root Canal Treatment



root canal dental treatment

Taking care of your natural teeth is vital as nothing can replace the feel and function of your natural teeth. But maintaining natural teeth becomes very difficult because of problems like decay disease or injury.

The good news is that the latest advancements in the technology have made it possible to get a lifetime solution against such problems and you can now keep smiling with confidence. The treatment for such tooth problems is called root canal treatment is commonly known as endodontic treatment.

Endodontics is a branch of dentistry which deals with treating disease or injury to the dental pulp. The specialists are known as endodontists with advanced training in root canal treatment. They use state-of-the-art technologies like microscopes and digital imaging to save your natural teeth.

Here is a step by step look at a modern root canal procedure.

This is what a healthy tooth looks like.

Image: Youtube / See3 Communications

A tooth can be divided into three major layers. The outer most white layer is known as the enamel and underneath the enamel, there is hard tissue called dentin.

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Below the dentin is a soft tissue called pulp. The pulp consists of the tooths nerves and blood vessels. It extends from the top (crown) of the tooth into the roots of your teeth.

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Due to insufficient care, the pulp may become inflamed or infected. To solve this problem, your endodontist will remove it relieving your pain or discomfort.

Image: Youtube / See3 Communications

Now let’s take a look at how the root canal treatment works. In the first step, your endodontist will numb the tooth so that you won’t feel anything during the procedure. A shield is placed which isolates the tooth keeping it dry and clean.

Now, an opening is made through the crown of the tooth and into the pulp chamber.

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To kill the microorganisms and pull out the debris, fluid is inserted into the canals.

Image: Youtube / See3 Communications

Then the pulp is removed using small instruments. The canals are properly cleaned and shaped for the next step.

Image: Youtube / See3 Communications

The next step is filling the root canals. Once the canals are cleaned, now the endodontist will fill up the root canals.

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In order to get you seen by the dentist, a temporary filling is placed so that your dentist can properly examine you.

Image: Youtube / See3 Communications

Once your endodontist is finished the root canal procedure you must return to your dentist to have your tooth properly restored with a filling or crown that protects the tooth and is important to ensure the success of your root canal treatment.

Once the endodontist has done the treatment you must return to your dentist to have your tooth properly restored with a filling or crown. This will protect the tooth and it will ensure the effectiveness of your root canal treatment.

Most of the time, a tooth that has had root canal treatment lasts a lifetime so you don’t need to treat the tooth again and again.

If you are planning to get a root canal New York then this article might help you to better understand the process. The treatment lasts a lifetime so don’t hesitate to get it done if you are having the symptoms listed above.

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