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Style Yourself with Handmade Wooden Jewelry by Urban Designer



wooden watch

When we think about the jewelry the first thing that comes to our mind is the material. The gold and silver are the most commonly used material in jewelry. Nut nowadays jewelry is about more than just silver and gold. You can now style yourself with stylish alternatives to traditional accessories in the form of wooden jewelry.
A range of jewelry items are available made with only reclaimed wood. Urban Designer is one of the pioneers to produce quality and Eco-friendly jewelry. The wooden jewelry is produced with only reclaimed wood which makes sure that the production is eco-friendly. You can now get fine-quality handmade jewelry by artisan craftsmen. 

The best advantage of the wooden jewelry is that you can wear it on any dress color as wood color is easy to match with any other color. You can wear wooden jewelry on light colors and the dark colors and it will equally look stunning on both types of colors.

By using the wooden fashion accessories you are indirectly promoting the eco-friendly lifestyle as all the production activities are eco-friendly and sustainable.

Accessories like wooden watches and wooden rings are only made with the reclaimed wood with minimal waste of the natural resources during the manufacturing process.

If you love nature or some of your beloved ones are inspired by the beauty of the natural resources then the best gift you can give to your beloved ones is the wooden jewelry items. You can gift different items on different occasions. How about Groomsmen gift to your best friend at his wedding?

It is not only limited to wedding gifts though as you can gift wooden jewelry to celebrate birthday, anniversary, wedding, Valentine’s Day, reunion, graduation, promotion, or holidays such as Christmas and New Year. Express your love for your beloved ones with an unforgetful gift in the form of a high-quality wooden fashion accessory.

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