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Mexican Caribbean: Traveller`s Favorite Destination for Escape from Cold



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It is well known that in many countries of the world are very cold during the winter, and being locked at home for a couple of months is not as much fun as it sounds, so most tourists from cold countries seek during the winter warmer places to spend this season. And although Asian destinations have been crowned with the largest number of tourists during these seasons, little by little the Caribbean has been making more and more noise among world travelers.

But specifically the Mexican Caribbean has begun to have more international presence for its almost virgin beaches, where spending a moment of relaxation is a fact. Its proximity to large cities and archeological zones, make it a very complete destination. Besides the fact that its prices are not so high compared to other destinations in the Caribbean, it is a really good thing, since it opens the possibility for different types of travelers.


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 Perhaps the best-known destination is Cancun, especially for the Spring Break season, it should be noted that this destination is ideal for anyone looking to have fun in nightclubs, party and have a few drinks. The place is very developed, full of luxury resorts, designer international stores, huge shopping malls, international and local restaurants, as well as all types of transportation services.

It is probably one of the best-known destinations in Mexico and is also due to its proximity to Chichen Itza, an archaeological site that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and also one of the 7 wonders of the modern world. 

Playa del Carmen

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This area of Mexico is known as the Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen is similar to Cancun in many ways, although it is a beach destination, close to this area is the most famous theme parks. At Xel-Ha, Xcaret sites dedicated to ecotourism, where you can dive in the reefs or simply snorkel and admire all the great biodiversity found in the Riviera Maya.

In addition to its theme parks, its beaches are incredible, because they are still a mixture between tranquility and fun, undoubtedly a great destination in the Caribbean, both for its beaches, hotels, and theme parks.


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This is undoubtedly the favorite place for anyone looking for a deeper connection with nature, and looking to relax in some cabin, away from the bustle of the city, this is your destination, Tulum remains a very natural destination, although there are tourist developments, such as restaurants, some small malls, and resorts, most of the places are very natural.

Tulum has some of the best places to visit in the Riviera Maya, the ruins of Tulum are among the most photogenic places in the Caribbean, a large number of Cenotes in the Tulum area is impressive, plus there are cabins on several Tulum beaches, to have closer contact with the outside. Although this destination is a bit far from the airport, you can use the shuttle from Cancun to Tulum by eTransfers, you can also go to the small town near the Tulum area for a souvenir or buy something you have forgotten.

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