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Something You Should Know About Poly Mailers



The world has undergone dramatic changes in recent years. One of the noticeable changes will be the way people go shopping. Obviously, people prefer to buy things online and wait for their packages at home. This can explain the increasing number of poly mailers these years. In this article, we will walk you through something you should know about poly mailers before you make a purchase.

The e-commerce boom seems to be a mixed blessing. On the one hand, it puts brick-and-mortar retailers at a significant competitive disadvantage. On the other hand, this boom supports the development of many relevant industries. One of them is the poly mailers industry. Since every item needs a full and robust package during the long delivery from the seller to the buyer, the poly mailer production grows at a dramatic speed.

In spite of the competitive market, no poly mailers manufacturer is positioned as well as WH Packaging to benefit and support the expanding market. WH Packaging, a China-based expert in researching and manufacturing high-quality packaging for over ten years, is well-known for its pursuit of poly mailers for not only express companies but shopkeepers. On the strength of stable and long-term cooperation with various companies and wholesalers, this firm has formed a global business network these years.

As the waterproof and robust packaging for products, poly mailers play a significant role in the delivery. This lightweight and thin packaging avoid extra weight in the delivery way, making daily work of express company more accessible and more systematic. When it comes to purchasing good-quality poly mailers, there are a few things you should know.

  • Production Process

1.Film Blowing

This is the first step to make poly mailers. Generally, double-layer co-extrusion and three-layer co-extrusion film blowing machines are used in this process.


The second step, which called printing, is actually optional. In fact, enterprises are willing to print their company logo or something unique on the poly mailers, so as to advertise their brand image and make their products differential and outstanding. As their special poly mailers travel the world, the footprints prepare the ground for the wide popularity of their products and brands. When it comes to the printing process, most of the manufacturers will choose copper plate printing due to better quality and efficiency.


The last process involves several procedures, such as film folding, one-time adhesive tape placement, back sealing, bag cutting, etc. To fulfill the needs of every customer, different combinations of these procedures are carried out to finish the last step.

  • Two Excellent Properties Should Poly Mailers Have


The first property poly mailers should have is good toughness. Since the delivery may involve many municipalities or even countries, poly mailers are required to withstand the test of a harsh environment.


Another indispensable feature of the poly mailer is good adhesive. Take Printed Poly Mailers from WH Packaging as an example. Using the three layers extrusion technology and superior adhesive, WH Packaging provides the best adhesiveness for its poly mailers. It means that people who want to open the package illegally should destroy the seal first. In this case, pilferage or privacy disclosure will be prevented efficiently. No wonder this product is popular with a lot of express companies such as DHL, TNT, CHINA POST, SF-Express and so on.

Now that you’ve gone through something you should know about poly mailers before making a purchase, you can easily pick the best one that suits your requirements. In short, lightweight, waterproof, durable and robust poly mailers with superior materials and sophisticated production technology will be the top pick in your shopping cart.

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