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Official and healthy ways to transfer music from android to iPhone



Switching phone is not an easy task, especially when it comes to changing the entire platforms and operating system of our phones. Usually, people have the general perception that android is easier to operate as compared to the iPhone as it seems a little difficult to learn how to transfer music from android to iPhone. Well, it is not like that all you need to have is the proper knowledge of the methods that you can use for how to transfer music from android to iPhone along with the other data file transfer.

In this guide, we will help you know about the best and the healthiest methods that you should use for how to transfer music from android to iPhone. Make sure to understand every step carefully. Therefore, all you need to do is to stay with us till the end and explore all the methods efficiently.

Best methods for how to transfer music from android to iPhone

In this post, we are going to tell you how to transfer music from Android to iPhone, iPad and even the iPod. So dear readers these are the official way that Apple recommends transferring your music from Android to iPhone. However, you will be needing a computer to copy the music first. So the process can be done on a PC or a Mac. Also, if you need to transfer other files such as contacts, photos, videos, and messages you can use this software and applications for that purpose too.

Follow the steps mentioned below and execute the process slowly.

Step 1- first step is to connect your Android device to your computer and find your music folder. In case if you’re using a Mac operating system you will need to install Android file transfer.

Step 2- once you are downloading with the android file transfer software for how to transfer music from android to iPhone, on the downloads page, just scroll down to where it says to install the Android file transfer software.

Step 3- Now, drag it across into your Application folder and install it

Step 4- Now, close your windows and then click on go and applications and open up the Android file transfer software.

Step 5- you might need to tap allow for your Android device to give the computer access to your music folder.

Step 6- close the windows and tap on the android transfer software at the bottom of the screen

Step 7- Awesome! You should now see a complete list of the folders on your Android device find your music folder and drag it to the computer desktop

So finally your music is copied and you have easily transferred it from android to iPhone with the help of this easy method. You can now unplug your Android device. You are

finished with the process. Now next plug in your iPhone your iPad or iPod open up your

Apple Music or your iTunes and then drag your music folder from the desktop into your music or iTunes once that’s done minimize your music or iTunes app and then click on go and then computer, click on your iPhone and click on pair if you haven’t done this already and then tap trusts on your iPhone.

Next, click on the music tab and then put a tick in sync music, then you can select the entire music library or you can just do selected albums. once you are done just click apply and then go back into your iPhone and click sync cool unplug your iPhone and check if your music has copied across the process is the same on PC but you will need to download iTunes make sure you tap allow access on your Android device open up the Android device in Windows Explorer and copy the music folder to your computer desktop to download iTunes you can just google it.

Once iTunes is installed, you can open it up and you can remove your Android device plug in your iPhone and tap trust drag your music folder from the desktop into your iTunes app in iTunes click on your iPhone and then select music and again you will have the options to choose the entire music library or selected playlists once done click apply and then select sync to go ahead and remove your iPhone now and check the music is copied across or not.

Method 2- Use Mobile Trans Software for how To Transfer Music From Android To iPhone

Mobile trans software is an amazing software that you can use to transfer your music files from android to iPhone easily. The best quality or feature of the software is the transfer of data or you can transfer music files from android to iPhone directly between two operating systems. There is no need or involvement of the third-party applications which may have a slight chance to harm or misuse your data.

Benefits of Wondershare MobileTrans File Transfer Software

  1. Advanced-Data Transfer Facility: With Wondershare Mobile Trans, users can transfer data from one phone to another irrespective of the fact whether they belong to the same or different carriers. They can transfer data from a contract phone to a no-contract phone including Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T. Further, users can also transfer data from iPhone to iPhone and from iPhone to Android devices.
  1. Transfer iTunes to any phone: Users can transfer playlists and songs from iCloud to Windows phones, iPad, Android, iPod touch, and iPhone. They can also retrieve a iCloud backup, text messages, videos, contacts, and other necessary contents to any other device of their choice.
  1. Hassle free Backup and Restore Process: With the help of Wondershare Mobile Trans data transfer software, you can create backups of your phones to the PC and restore those contents to any other mobile device.


So, dear readers, now you have a clear idea of the best methods with the help of which you can easily find the best method for how to transfer music from android to iPhone. Make sure to choose the method according to your needs and sequentially execute the steps.

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