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Kathy Peters – The Instagram Sensation You Must Follow




The entertainment industry is highly competitive and it is very difficult to get into the limelight in this hypercompetitive industry.

It takes years and years to get recognition and build a personal brand. But in this industry, there are a few people who got quick recognition and fame with single and high- quality performance. Among those celebrities, the first name to exist in our mind is Kathy Peters. She is famous for her excellent unique style and modeling skills, which differentiates her from other models. She has become a famous Instagram influencer with thousands of people following her.

She got a rapid growth on her Instagram account @Kathyinframe after she performed in a movie where she shaved her head. It is really a brave attempt as it takes special guts for a woman to do such a role in a movie.

Her work is not only limited to a specific country as she constantly keeps collaborating with people from around the globe. She even does not charge for most of these collaborations. This shows her dedication to the industry.


Kathy Peters is not only a talented and courageous actress but also a well known Insta model. She is only 22 and she has done remarkable work in the industry. Her skills like dancing, writing, and modeling, and of course, acting have helped her prove herself in the industry.

She was born in Germany but already worked as a young artist in Spain, Bali, and New Zealand. She currently lives in Auckland, Nz but will be moving back to her home country soon.

She started working as a model when she was very young. The records show that she was only 13 years old when she did her first project as a model, and we all know how difficult it can get for such a young child. If you are doing any project in NZ and you need a young, beautiful, and energetic model, then she is the best choice for you.

Physical and mental health:

Another important thing to know about Kathy Peters is her recovery from physical and mental health issues. During her early days, she faced mental health issues like depression. She went through the treatment and recovered.

Now, she is actively spreading awareness about physical and mental health issues based on her personal experience.

As a kid, she faced abuse, bullying, and other social abuses that most of the kids’ faces in high school. For this reason, she understands the pain of such people who are directly or indirectly dealing with these social issues. She shares a strong connection with such people and tries to help them out in their challenging situations.

Social Media Presence:

If you haven’t visited her social media accounts then here is her Instagram account @Kathyinframe. She is very active on social media and rapidly getting new followers every day. You would love the work that she has done. Follow Kathyinframe for all her future pictures, videos, and project updates.

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Being a strong advocate and member of the LGBT community Kathyinframe shares bold pictures related to her projects. I bet you will surely appreciate her looks, passion for work, and her professionalism because she is one of the famous models from Germany.

How to get in touch?

We live in the age of social media, it is not hard to find someone on social media platforms. Apart from Instagram, Kathyinframe is also very active on YouTube and she constantly keeps uploading new videos every now and then. Make sure to follow and subscribe here on these platforms.

If you want to hire her for any of your projects, then she is also available on Fiverr and offers her services as a freelance model.

If you want to know more about her work, future events, and projects then visit her website Her presence on multiple platforms makes it very easy to find her and contact her for your projects.

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