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Must-Know Tips on Choosing the Best Swivel Caster



In modern industrial operation, casters are referred to as a noticeable creation, and swivel casters have significantly revolutionized the way people handle items, particularly when individuals move huge cargoes. This great invention facilitates us a great deal and becomes widely used by people from all walks of life. So, here we are to help you find the best swivel caster. Read on to learn more.

Above all, you need to understand the basic types of casters before making a purchase. Swivel casters can be classified by functions, and there are mainly four types available on the market: supermarket swivel casters, and furniture casters, medical casters, industrial casters,

Supermarket Swivel Caster

This kind of swivel caster is ideal for the supermarket shelf movement. It is light and not easy to scratch the ceramic floor tiles. Also, it contributes to the flexibility of the shopping cart.

Furniture swivel caster

This kind of swivel caster with high bearing capacity is specially designed for furniture with a low center of gravity furniture. Attaching to the leg of a piece of furniture, they allow it to roll on carpets and hard surface floors.

Medical Swivel Caster

Medical swivel casters perfectly meet the requirements of medical operations. It is light, flexible, soft, noiseless, wear-resistant, and chemical resistant.

Industrial Swivel Castor

These swivel wheels are made of iron-core rubber, plastic-core polyurethane, reinforced nylon, or PVC, etc. They perfectly work with mechanical equipment in factories. Also, they have the excellent bearing capacity, high wear resistance, and good impact resistance.

There are swivel casters for other purposes, and you should choose the one according to your needs. Below are four essential tips to help you make a conscious and informed purchase.

1. Suitable Materials

• Rubber casters: cannot come in contact with acids, grease, or chemicals.

• TPR casters: commonly used in hotels, hospitals, wood floors, ceramic tiles, and other floors that require low noise.

• Nylon caster: suitable for uneven ground or ground with iron chips and other substances.

• Polyurethane casters: a practical compromise offering moderate floor protection with more excellent load capacity.

2. Load Capacity

Exceeding rated capacity can lead to caster failure in the field. Below is how we calculate the load capacity of swivel casters:

T = (E + Z) / m * n

T = Each wheel’s loading capacity;

E = Equipment’s self weight;

Z = Equipment’s max load;

M = Quantity of the wheel;

N = safety factor (usually 1.3-1.5)

3. Appropriate Diameter of Swivel Caster

The diameter of swivel caster wheels depends on the load capacity and the driving force to the carrier when it is loaded. Generally, the larger is the wheel diameter, the higher is the bearing capacity, and the easier it is to push the cart. Meanwhile, these swivel wheels can largely protect the ground from damage.

4. Flexible Wheels

It is a rule of thumb that larger wheels require less effort. Also, the roller bearings have a higher load capacity compared to the same size of ball bearings. The installation of high-quality roller bearings makes single wheel rotation more flexible, quiet and has a higher carrying capacity. A top pick for heavier and industrial uses.

Here are other factors to be considered when you gear up to buy swivel casters, such as space of the field, obstacles or substances on the ground, environmental conditions, and so on.

Now that you have gone through enough information about swivel casters, it’s time to find a suitable caster manufacturer. SUPO is one of the quality manufacturers that can provide you with top-class swivel casters. They have a full range of products serving various purposes, including trolleys, furniture, medical, and industrial applications. These products can be made of rubber, TPR, Nylon, and PU, to suit your needs. 15 years of manufacturing experience speak for the superior quality of their products and earn SUPO a high recognition in the global market.

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