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Las Vegas: One of the Most Happening Cities in the World



las vegas

Las Vegas! The name brings such excitement. A place where your dreams come true! A perfect destination for your bachelor’s party, a solo trip, or to celebrate your 21st birthday!  – A city that has so much to offer.  Las Vegas is one of the most happening cities from the west that works round the clock to create the magical land that exists today. 

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. What really happens though? 

Here is a list of things you can find in Vegas which is better than anywhere on Earth!

1 – Hotels in Las Vegas

Las Vegas changes everything for you. If you thought you have experienced the finest hotels, wait until you get to stay in the hotels in las Vegas. From aesthetics that personify luxury to rejuvenating spas, they have it all covered, and not to forget what Vegas is famous for, their Casinos. Let your luck play the cards. They have theme based nights to match your interests. And don’t be surprised if you find yourself playing poker with Lady Gaga. 

2 – Food 

Have you ever craved to have pancakes in the evening? (Guilty!) 

Las Vegas has places that serve breakfast ALL DAY. Isn’t that such a delight? 

That’s not just it. For a foodie that you are, there is a ton of options where you can get EVERYTHING you want to eat at the all-you-can-eat buffet. 

In all the glitter and glory of modern culinary, you cannot miss out on authentic restaurants that serve dishes which date back to when Vegas was blooming. 

All in all, you cannot go wrong with your meals. You are sure to be a happy person with a happy belly!

3 – Things to do in Vegas

Well, this is going to be a huge list considering all the opportunities you have on all streets of Vegas. But to simplify it for you, let’s just say you can tick off your to-do list starting any hour whether you are there for the weekend, or a weekday trip, with the boys/girls or with your significant other, solo trip or travelling with a group of complete strangers (Hope not strangers you met in Vegas because I wouldn’t guarantee that to end well). 

  • Vegas is a city that truly never sleeps; you have larger-than-life casinos, shows, and parties to hop around all night. You are sure to find places that make it hard to leave, trapped in a time capsule. 
  • Trekking- Yes! That’s right. You could plan a day to go trekking up the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. A beautifully layered marvel by nature. You can go up and around the folds of the rocks which are highlighted by the colors of the sunset at the golden hour. At the peak, you will find it so quiet, yet the landscapes will speak volumes. In a place like Vegas filled with the glory of the human kind, this trek will introduce you to another side of Vegas.
  • You could also dine at the Hearthstone Kitchen and Cellar before you set out to the peak of The Red Rock Canyon. This is an open-concept dining area that offers delicious food and organizes fun games. 
  • Topgolf is another stop on your journey that’ll only make you feel better about everything in life. Smashing golf balls off a third story is one of the most satisfying feelings. The targets are lit up with different colors and the scores are tallied for you. 
  • Concerts! Concerts! Concerts! You always have an artist making a huge crowd groove to his music. Fan of the 60s? The 70s? The 80s? Or you prefer one of the various new genres of music. You will find a concert to suit your taste and mood. 
  • Bellagio Museum of Fine Arts – Along with the traditional display of masterpieces, there are guided audio tours to follow for a better Museum experience. For all we know, the Museum also comes to life at night like the rest of the city. 
  • Adventuredome theme parks – After all the partying like an adult, give your inner child a chance to shine at theme parks. You are sure to jump in joy!
  • Helicopter tours – Bored of moving around the streets? Make an impulsive decision to look at the city from the sky. Book yourself a helicopter tour and enjoy Vegas from the sky. 
  • Battlefield Vegas – What? Smash cars? Break things? AND NO ONE IS GOING TO SAY A THING? Yeah, dreams come true in Vegas. 
  • Desert Adventures and Death Valley National Park are some other places that are worth a mention for you to try. 

4 – The Secret Geek

All those parties and music starting to sound regular or they are not your type all the time? Let me tell you that Las Vegas has in store a secret dimension for you. 

  • Cosplay
  • Comic shops and toy stores
  • Hangout spots where you can discuss your favorite character and his secrets.
  • The Sci-fi centre
  • Millennial Fandom
  • Conventions

And that my friend is just the beginning. Las Vegas has everything that you have dreamt about.  So, dress up as whoever you want to be and the world will treat you so as well. 

5 – Be a Dolphin Trainer for a day

From city highs to nature’s bliss, we have covered only a tiny bit of what you can do in Las Vegas. Here is just another mention of one of the coolest things you can be thankful for.

All the excitement apart, getting a chance to spend a day with Dolphins at The Mirage is a lifetime experience you shouldn’t let slip by. 

Las Vegas is a world of its own that has something to offer to every man on this planet with his various expectations and interests. Amidst all the energy, glitter and sound, you will find that life is the best when you are relaxing at one of the many hotels in Vegas. And at that moment, feel the tranquillity and serenity of life. 

Overcoming day to day expectations set by others is not what we are born to do. Let go, be a child, be crazy, be in Las Vegas!

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