Best Companion for Car Video Recording Toshiba M303E High Durability MicroSD Evaluation


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Through testing, Toshiba M303E microSD card has a good performance, but not many devices can give full play to its performance. When it comes to monitoring product line updates, the performance of this microSD card is adequate, and for individuals, it costs less to update storage devices after product iteration.

Due to various traffic accidents and porcelain bumping events, automobile data recorder has almost become one of the indispensable hardware products for car owners. Automobile data recorder cannot only avoid porcelain bumping events  Scam event but also serve as a reference to restore the truth in case of an accident. Therefore, automobile data recorder is an absolutely indispensable electronic equipment of the vehicle.

For automobile data recorder, clarity and stability are the foundation of all experiences. Everything is in vain without a high-definition recording capability, so manufacturers of automobile data recorder continue to pursue high-definition image quality. However, the improvement of picture quality also brings pressure to device storage. The clearer picture quality means higher write bandwidth, while the higher bandwidth means more storage space, which naturally generates greater demand for storage. Therefore, The product of this evaluation is Toshiba’s new M303E micro SD cards for automobile data recorder.


The front of the storage card package indicates the maximum read speed of 98MB/s, supports 4K video, and indicates the maximum write speed of 65MB/s. According to my usage habits, if the writing performance of the storage device in general, it will only indicate the highest reading speed on the packaging, and now Toshiba this microSD card, on the packaging are marked with reading and writing speed, it seems that Toshiba is very confident in the performance of this microSD card.

In the automobile data recorder and security industries, storage devices are different from storage requirements as usual. Owing to the long writing time and high and low temperature inside the car, this type of microSD card has a worse working environment than conventional microSD cards.

For the microSD card, in addition to the capacity, we are most concerned about the reading speed of the device, and then we test the reading and writing performance. Before the test, it is necessary to indicate all kinds of flag parameters. For the ordinary consumers, the reading and writing performance of the microSD card can be understood through the information on the package before the purchase.


C10:Sequential writing speed is not less than 10m/s per second

A1:Sequential writing performance with a minimum of 10MB/s

V30:Continuous writing speed is 30m/s, supporting 4K video shooting

U3:With UHS SD bus support, the minimum sequential writing speed is 30m/s

By understanding these four parameters, we can roughly understand the basic information of this microSD card, whether it is the packaging or the microSD card. The words above represent different performance specifications of the microSD card

We first use AS SSD Benchmark and CrystalDiskMark, two relatively straightforward and simple software, to test reading and writing performance of memory card continuously.

In the test, the maximum reading speed of this product is 97MB/s, and the maximum writing speed is 73MB/s, which is basically consistent with the maximum reading and writing speed claimed by the package. For automobile data recorder, recorded video files are first stored in the microSD card through the internal cache mechanism. This transfer process is actually a copy of the two “hard disks”, so when making video recording is mainly to continue to write memory card, the performance of the memory card is mainly decided by the continuous reading and writing. The speed of 4K random reading and writing has little effect on the actual operation, and the continuous writing speed of 70MB/s is enough to support high bandwidth. Data is written and the limited writing is tested later.

Next, test the ATTO Disk Benchmark software. It is an easy-to-use disk transfer rate detection software that can be used to detect reading and writing rates on hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, and other removable disks. Different from AS SSD Benchmark, it can monitor the reading and writing speed of storage devices for various sizes of fragmented files, and can truly simulate the working mode of storage tools such as solid-state hard disks in daily life, thus being able to objectively and truly reflect the performance of solid-state hard disk in real life, which has certain reference value and significance for ordinary users.

We can see the test results, when the file size is 16KB, the memory card writing speed has reached the nominal 98MB/s, writing data is the same. This means that the reading and writing performance of this Micro SD card is basically consistent for files of all sizes, and the performance can be guaranteed under different monitoring devices

The test is also conducted by copying files. FastCopy is used to copy a single file of about 7G into the microSD card. Through FastCopy, it could be known that the test file of 7G took 120 seconds to complete, and the average writing speed was 60MB/s. The difference between the test data and the limit running data is also due to the extreme storage of the main control chip, but the gap is not huge.

This microSD card is a product used for positioning the car camera and security monitoring scenes. Therefore, “360 automobile data recorder” is used for testing, and the resolution of the automobile data recorder is adjusted to 2560*1600 with the highest resolution of 30fps for recording.

In “360 automobile data recorder”, this microSD card can be considered to be overqualified. The recording time of the video in one minute is only about 130MB in size and 1600kb in code rate, which means that this automobile data recorder just needs one microSD card capable of writing 16MB/s per second to complete the smooth recording.

To make writing more difficult, the microSD card is installed on the phone and recorded video in 4K 30FPS for testing. Also recorded for about one minute, the size of the file generated has reached 450M, far larger than the size of the file recorded by the automobile data recorder. The average code rate of video reaches 60M. When the video is opened, video is also a stable record with 30 stitches without any sense of lag.

If you really want to test the limits of the Toshiba M303E, the recorded video to reach 4K 60FPS will make the storage device a bottleneck. But, the resulting file size is not a few G can be stored, and the manufacturers of automobile data recorder will not let it’s own device record such high-definition files. It’s no exaggeration to say that the Toshiba M303E is suitable for any type of automobile data recorder currently on the market. Through various types of tests, Toshiba’s memory launched for the automobile data recorder and the security market does have a good performance. For the current market demand, the performance of Toshiba M303E is even a little redundant, and it is rare to see a device that can allow it to play all the performance. When it comes to monitoring product line updates after purchase, the extra performance of this microSD card can be fully released. For individuals, it is cheaper to update storage devices with product iterations.

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